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I would say I'm glad it is not just me, but that would be untrue and also not very nice. My father has been in a lot of pain lately and has taken to being disappointed if everyone else in the family is well, and it has just been soul sucking. Today was a horrible day for me and I am not even brave enough to say why, mostly, although what I thought was pinkeye seems to in fact be a staph infection that has swollen my eye shut, so that is a big part of it. I hope you have a good root canal experience. An iPod and good headphones help a lot. There a lot of noise and vibration but probably no pain and most likely the longest rest you have had in a chair in ages. I honestly did not mind mine one single bit.


Yikes, a root canal when there is an infection present tends to be a little more painful. Make sure they give you a prescription for Tylenol 3 before you leave!

Emily C

I am sorry that days like this ever happen.

I always nap at the dentist, even during fillings I usually zone out and sleep. When I had three preschoolers at home with me full-time it was my twice-a-year break.

Here's to things getting better, because they will.



my last root canal was fine - pricey nut no worries. The quiet time in the chair with nobody wanting anything from you is glorious. And yeah kids and drinks...... I do not understand.

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