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I hear similar things from a lot of people whose kids are transitioning to adulthood / moving out. Maybe you'll want to write about how you figured out what was exciting about your story as a standalone (or one with just you and your husband). How we survived finding our own stories as the kids' stories started to unwrap from ours ... anyway, I've been reading you since about 2006 and have never been bored.


I've never been bored readin here. I've cried through some of your posts. Laughed at some and smiled at most. You're not boring. I'll continue to read here and hope you'll continue to share with us.


I'm very happy to keep reading here. But I sure understand about it being hard to blog with big kids who have their own lives....I'm never sure if I get that balance quite right.

Kelly Roe

Always a pleasure to read your posts!
A shining Oasis of good, funny, and uplifting or serious reflection!


I really like your posts--I am in the same stage of life with kids 10-22. I actually like reading about someone else's crazy days and how they make it work-- then I don't feel like I'm the only one!


I only have three kids, but we are in the same phase of life, and I have noticed there aren't bloggers blogging about things for me, too - aside from you. Even this post - yes, yes! I can hardly post to Facebook anymore, because nothing in my life is mine. Sometimes I feel like my sandwich generation life is in a holding pattern until I join the Grandma ranks, who honestly start sharing baby stories again, not THEIR stories. I follow two parenting blogs because I enjoy the writing, parenting blogs with kids my kids'ages have all folded. I read beauty blogs by 20-somethings but their hair and makeup tips aren't for my skin and hair. I watch You Tubers developing new and interesting content (Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Mental Floss on YouTube) but how much time do I have for that kind of enrichment when there are so many other demands on my time? And then, I read here. Not as many posts now as in the past, but just enough to remind us of the earlier stories and how they continue on. Just enough about books and vacations to feel like a good friend sharing the best over a glass of wine. Just enough of ballet classes and self defense classes and injuries to inspire me to try and also to comfort me when it doesn't go the way I wanted. Carmen, in my online life, your blog is truly unique and I feel like the changes in the past year reflect those changes we have as our older loved ones fade and leave us, we experience loss of our peers as never before, and our children grow up and we in a sense lose the rights to their stories (we are so proud of them! But we miss them!). I guess I hope you keep writing because as you do, you say there is something worth writing about a female, midlife suburban life. Try things and tell us about them. Feel things and tell us about them. Reflect and reminisce and we will be here to listen.


Darn it but we are all growing up. It's not just our kids but ourselves. I do miss your stories about your kids but I too understand that they are not your stories. :) My babe is 10 this month.


Carmen. You are nor boring. You have keen insight and are a phenomenal writer. THANK YOU. I am appreciative. Alas, the transitions of life - these kids do grow up and sprout wings....you are a wonderful mom and I admire you.


Don't worry, we read what you write, whatever it is because we enjoy the conversations we have... we relate.

I don't have any children in my house today (and didn't when I started reading what you write). I am sure you will find something to share every once in a while, when you want to.

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