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Heather Bensel

If nothing else, I have determined that no one else is paying any attention to me...so why not dance in the aisles at Target? I love your posts and blog entries.


Consequences. They blow. When you're a kid most consequences are just par for the course. When you grow up they can be DEVESTATING.


Good Stuff!!


I appreciate that as an adult, you can usually make decisions based on real facts. Consequences are real. When you're a kid, it feels like you do a lot of stuff out of fear of punishment. You don't clean your room? Well, then your mom yells at you. Didn't do your homework? You miss recess and your mom yells at you.

As an adult, you realize if you don't clean your house, nobody will yell (well, hopefully not) but you have to deal with the house that you pay good money for looking like crap and being stressed every time you see that there's three, four, five hours, a day's worth of cleaning to do. If you miss a deadline at work, you might get yelled at, but hopefully the deadline wasn't arbitrary and you understand how your mistake affects others.

You make diet choices based on knowledge (and sometimes indifference) of how the choices will affect your body. You have a bit more freedom when it comes to work and school, so hopefully you're in a job you like and are good at, not like high school where you're taking math because someone told you you had to.

Downside? I wish I'd realized that I'd never feel fully satisfied. That no matter how much someone else might look at you and say you're winning at life, you're always going to feel like maybe you should be at a different job, should apply for that manager job even though you don't want it, should make more money, should be married now, should have kids by now, have lived here for too long, not living life to the fullest...

I didn't feel that when I was a kid.

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