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Marie Riemer

I don't do it everyday but I do on days I know time will be tight. For example, if I have to leave at 6:30 am for a doc appt, i will lay out shoes, clothes etc for the kid I'm taking. So it depends, but I dont have to make lunches. I am a planner though in terms of knowing what my schedule contains!


I had never given it a name, but it is absolutely what I do. Every Sunday I chop all the vegetables for the weeks meals. I cook all my proteins, so all I have to do is pull the chicken out of the fridge and the veggies and I have lettuce wraps in 30 mins. I am the mom of six now and while only my youngest is still at home full time I still havent been able to break these habits. There are days that my "tomorrow me" loves me!!! I also enjoy seeing this habit in my daughters and daughter in law!!! My youngest son is the one saying dont worry about it mom!!!


Yup, I do this pretty routinely. Just working up a few plans to ease the transition to this new (part time)job of mine! And I do think it tends to be the momma in the family who most understands the value of this type of planning, whereas others just take our planning for granted and don't quite understand just how much it simplifies everyone's days.



Since I put the PRO in procrastination, tomorrow me is a necessary evil. I just wish tomorrow me wouldn't procrastinate so much either!


I don't have kids, and I still totally do this. I put everything by the door, set up the coffeemaker and turn on the timer, and if I have an activity before or after work, I get everything I need for it and put that by the door, too.

I move too slowly in the morning, and half the time there's cat vomit or something to clean up. If I didn't get as much as possible ready the night before, I wouldn't be able to leave the house until about noon. They don't like it when you come to work at noon.

I don't pack my lunch because I don't want to have to refrigerate more than necessary (sensitive teeth), but other than that, I'm totally on board with helping out tomorrow me.

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