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OUCH!! And yes, super-fit gym gods and goddesses can ignite hubris in just about anyone, not remembering that some of us are mere mortals. My former boxing coach has a body that seems unfair because she is also super nice and brilliant - she has a PhD in Psychology. But she worked so hard to get and stay that way. She would push us to the limits all the time and I, too, would be the one who would end up injured because I didn't listen to my body - I looked at hers!! Also I think that we live in a culture that encourages working through pain - in exercise, in life, at work, etc. Quitting or modifying is considered weak.
Take care of yourself - you want to be able to play with your grand-babies some day and not be the old woman who has to sit down every five minutes!!


Hey - I wanted to tell you, and don't know how except here - the last few times I have read and tried to comment on your posts, the "Captcha" image won't come up. I have to refresh it multiple times to even get an image at all. I'm telling you because it's possible others are having this issue? Guess I'll go see if that happens now . . .

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