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I wonder what mine is. I know i love picking up little books, a cute pack of post its -- whatever is something I enjoy. But, like you, making meals to give to sick folks or simply hungry people is a love of mine. I don't love extravagant gifts -- except for a very specific few items. And I like snuggling and find myself missing touch -- not sex -- but touch for no other purpose than connection. I'm rambling.....
I'm off to take a quiz. I'll let you know! I'm sure you're holding your breath. :-)

Emily C

This whole topic is SO, SO HARD. My husband and I have very different love languages; and when after ten years I finally started speaking his it completely changed our relationship.

I've had friends with whom I've had to part ways because our love languages were too different. I spoke hers, but she never bothered to speak mine and after awhile it hurt.

I don't bother speaking my language to people who clearly don't appreciate it--what a waste of my efforts!

Headless Mom

I'm also Acts of Service. I guess that's why we get each other.

I've also had my kids take the test for kids. It helps a ton when you 'speak' their language to them.

Miss you. Text me?

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