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Karen Z

Sometimes I wonder - what the hell is wrong with people. She was rude and last I looked - manners are free.


Some people are miserable! I loved that your kids laughed it off!!


I think people have lost their sense of manners. Your kids are awesome! I love that response.


One of my best memories is my husband and I were on vacation with our six children who were at the time from 13-3. We went into a restaurant and I could see the peoples faces when we came in, a set of twins, 3 stair steppers and a toddler. Every one of them wanted to leave immediately!! Of course they sat us at a round table right in the middle of the main room. We had a good time the kids including the 3yr old ordered for themselves and we talked about the sights we had seen that day. One of the littles needed to visit the bathroom and her older sister volunteered to take her. Our 3 yr old knocked over his drink and the 9yr old said thats ok buddy and started cleaning it up. We laughed and had a great time. We require all our children to say please and thank you as well as address all adults as mam or sir. As we neared the end of the meal, an older couple came over and told my husband and I, how well behaved he thought our children were and how much they enjoyed watching us. They made up for every snide remark, snicker and grumble we heard that weekend!! I always try to do that now when I see well behaved children in public!!!

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