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Shampoo bottles spilling their lives down the drain. Loll lol this post almost made me cry. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying we are all interested in your chore schedule. Me the mostest. And also advice on chores for little kids.


Oh, my. I had to give it up. We have our kids caseworkers and service providers, a total of 10 different people visiting our house, with at least 2 days worth of visitors every week. O e day, the house was looking perfect, all 10 people coming for a meeting, I think a dirt bomb exploded, thanks to my three boys, as everybody tromps into the house with muddy feet. That was it for me. These people really did not care that there were piles of muddy clothes, and muddy footprints across the kitchen, and juice spilled on the counter.....it was so amazing to me to see that nobody even seemed to care.


I love your writing! "Ironing rack weeping from the load..." And so curious about age-appropriate chores for little, little guys. I too always want my house to be presentable and could use every last helper!


My children make fun of me because when the older kids come home to visit for the weekend or like yesterday for Fathers Day I clean like crazy and the ones that still live at home are like "Mom they lived here they know what it looks like!". It is the control freak part of me that can't give it up. Also I want them to come home to a nice clean place without the chaos they remember!!!


I used to freak out if someone was coming over! It caused me great anxiety to tidy up because I had so much clutter. My husband's mentality is... the door swings both ways. If they don't like it, they can just leave. As I declutter my home, I also have developed a habit of NOT apologizing for the less than perfect home. I am so thankful for this change in attitude because I was at the point of not even wanting anyone to stop by!
Speaking of... maybe it's time I go wash my floor after I am done my comment... LOL


Friends? I don't care so much if they drop by but it's the family visits that make me loopy. My parents are or inlaws do care, and do make mention of "my" (BTW not the kids) house and it's state. I wish I could let go for them but it's not happening.

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