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Free @MichelinUSA tires? That is a deal. Everyone should take advantage of signing up to win. Michelin has always been synonymous with quality.

Sharan Babb

Don't let the green light give you a false sense of security. Before you roll thru that intersection, be sure and look for distracted drivers who aren't paying attention to traffic.


I wish I had known that you should just go ahead and hit the skunk that's in the middle of the road rather than trying to swerve around it because he WILL spray all his skunk spray all over your car anyway AND you will end up sideways in the ditch. Not that I know this from experience. :)

Rachel smith

I wish I had known that you must look in front of you when merging onto a highway for the people that don't know how to merge at all and stop. I bumped a car and luckily no one was hurt nn ot even the car. I learned also to do my best to stay moving on a merge. Sooooo many people have no clue! My little Altima would love some fresh wheels!


I wish I had known not to drive when I'm feeling emotional, particularly when I'm angry.




I would tell my younger self to slow down!!


I wish I'd known that it's not enough to just glance over your shoulder when backing up. You need to really take your time and LOOK, especially when you have a tiny car surrounded by two huge cars.

Thanks for the opportunity - I need new tires, so this would be great!


And here is the link to my tweet: https://twitter.com/cvillemegan/status/619277548682391552





I second, third and fourth seat belts. And I should not drive. At all ever.

Deb Rox

What I know now that I wish I knew when I started driving is that you can't count on other drivers being safe, skilled or smart. Now that I know to drive defensively and to expect bad drivers, I'm safer and less stressed/surprised.

Jamie Reeves

I wish I'd learn how to better drive in icy and snow conditions. But here in Nashville we don't get them very often! My dad and mom, however, grew up in Michigan. So they know the ropes.

Cheryl Philamalee

I wish I known the importance of seatbelt safety. I was in a bad car wreck with my boyfriend his best friend and another girls shortly after high school graduation years ago and I still suffer from neck pain due to my injuries.

Jamie Reeves

A Tweet for you! https://twitter.com/blondemomblog/status/619319657380511744


That winding country roads are meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace! ;)


I wish I knew that other people didn't always follow the rules of the road


When it comes to road/car safety, I'd love to go back in time and tell myself and my darling daughter to ALWAYS wear your seatbelt (properly) across your lap and chest and to get in the habit buckle it up before you turn the car on; turn off your phone when you get in your car; if you have to answer or make a call PULL OVER; carry spare glasses with you; check the tread on your vehicle tires and replace them when necessary; and most importantly don't let darling daughter get in a car on four days in her life. (See below)

Darling daughter was in 4 auto accidents in 18 months - the first was when her then boyfriend was driving back on a logging road, hit gravel, and ran off the road and hit a tree - very slow speed (20 mph-ish), no vehicle damage. However, she had flipped the across the chest strap behind her back and wore only the lap belt and bounced off the windshield. TBI. And her high school junior/senior year was dramatically changed. She ended up not graduating a year early and dropping all the advanced/accelerated courses even with just a month and a half to go. She had to do the senior year in an alternative school for the few classes she had to take to finish. (She did end up still graduating with her classmates instead of a year early.)

Her 2nd auto accident was when she let her (same) boyfriend drive her Mazda (with her in the passenger seat) and a young mom with children didn't see the gray vehicle on a November day, and crossed a 4 lane road and hit them. (Young mom driver was frantic because 1) they were in the middle of one of the busiest roads in town, 2) when she got out to talk to them she closed her doors and they autolocked with her children sitting in the damaged undrivable but running vehicle, 3) she had no insurance and never paid a dime for the damage.)

The 3rd accident was when she was driving back from a dr's appt and a schoolbus (empty except the driver) pulled out of a side alley/street without looking for oncoming traffic and t-boned my minivan. She saw it out of the corner of her eye and hit the gas and it hit the middle of the van instead of the driver's door where she sat.

The 4th(and hopefully last)accident was the day she got insurance on her new to her Subaru station wagon, and drove out to show that same boyfriend's mom the new 4 wheel drive vehicle. Coming back to town, a woman pulled out from a side street, crossed 3 lanes of traffic to hit the Subaru hard enough to turn it 180 degrees to face her boyfriend's mom's truck (she was following her back into town). Totaled the car we'd bought less than 3 days earlier. We wouldn't let her drive it until we had proof of insurance. The impact knocked her glasses off and she was standing blind beside her backward turned demolished car in evening rush hour traffic on US Hwy 12. Luckily her boyfriend's mom was there and called me and our friend who has the auto repair and towing business. I got there before the ambulance did (7 minutes total). I saved the phone call message on my cell for a long time (she got my voice mail because I was in a meeting) but was smart and called the main desk and had them call a coworker who got me and alerted me about the accident. She didn't drive or ride in a vehicle with anyone else driving for more than a year. I was the only chauffeur she trusted. The first time she tried to go with friends on a day trip to a town about an hour away, they got 15 minutes away from our town and she had them pull over and leave her at the crossroads post office and called me to come pick her up.

Amazingly none of these accidents were caused by her driving. And she is now over 30 years old and hasn't been in another accident since then. And she is a very good driver -- we even had her wait 6 months for her license so she could get experience driving in the winter weather.


I don't know . . . I can't think straight because I'm in the middle of trying to teach my first kid to drive. It's terrifying. Maybe I wish I'd known what a calm dad I had! He never yelled at me once while I was learning to drive--even with a stick shift!


we could really use new tires!

Lisa Brown

I wish I had know more about, or practiced more about, parallel parking; I am the worst at it and bumped a car once, learned fast to absolutely avoid this kind of parking.

Lisa Brown

my tweet https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/619508559445790721

Julie Wood

I wish I knew that you can not use different types of tires on your car because of uneven wear , and that the tires need to be rotated for even wear, and that the tires need the proper air pressure to keep them in good shape. My neglect of the tires on my car caused them to wear out prematurely. Now I take excellent care of my tires!

Julie Wood


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