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I wish I knew how to drive both stick and manual transmission- especially in case of emergencies.




Marjorie M oss

When all else fails, jam both feet down - left one on the clutch, right one on the brake. Then you can think about what to do next.

Marjorie Moss

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Marjorie Moss

Check out my little memory of learning to drive at http://theprairiespirit.com/learning-to-drive/


Even when we were grateful for 'extra' groceries from the mom, we never skimped on tires - I've had good luck w/ teh Michelins


I wish I knew the importance of good tires and how to drive in the snow. Luckily my first driving winter solved the later problem and the years since have emphasized how much better you can drive in the snow with good tires.

Susan Smith

I wish I knew that you can't assume the other drivers will be following all of the rules of the road. There have been many times when I assume the other car will stop and they didn't so I'm glad I stopped my car.

Susan Smith



What did I wish I knew? Stick shift. Have tried and tried and still can't learn it and so I have to rely on friends to teach my son. I also wish I had known to check tire treads and that you should always replace at least two tires at the same time.

rachel cartucci

I wish I had known about seat belt safety...hardly anyone wore seat belts back in the day.

CR Williams

I wish I was more prepared for my daughter in terms of food and games. For long ride kids get hungry quick and gets very bored.

CR Williams

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Teri Maloughney

That it's not about you, you may know what you're doing but you need to be very aware of the others.


I really wish I knew to check my tire pressure regularly, It's so important and I've had so many mishaps before i learned this lesson, as in popped tires, superbly flat tires and more. I now check all the time, just for peace of mind!


I wish I’d known that you always have to be aware of what the drivers around you are doing. I once swung around another car that was turning left and didn’t realize the car behind me was already doing the same thing around me (because I had hesitated), and we collided.


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When it comes to road / car safety, I wish I knew how important it is to take a defensive driving class when you first start driving.


I wish I had known that the only driver you can really trust on the road is yourself and to not always assume that others are paying attention to the road or are obeying the signals and to take that into account at all times and drive extra cautiously.


the importance of car maintenance and getting regular oil changes



Tonya Atkinson

I wish I knew how much air goes into a tire. How to check tread when it is low

Tonya Atkinson


D Schmidt

I wish I had known the importance of checking tire tread, maintaining your vehicle and how ridiculous some other drivers can be!

D Schmidt


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