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We used to stuff 7 people in a Pinto in the early 1980s. Obviously I was thinner back then.

I'm teaching my 16-year old how to drive and I have no depth perception so we disagree strongly on distances.

What I know now that I wish I knew when I started driving is that people don't know how to merge onto highways. Hitting the brakes at the top of the on-ramp is dangerous.


What do I wish I knew? Always leave a little more room to stop between you and the vehicle in front of you than you think you need. It could save you from crumpling the expensive back end of the Cadillac that just happens to belong of one of your mother's friends. Oops.

Michele Johnson

Zipper merging is your friend!

Brenda Diggs

I wish I knew how easy it was to drive a stick shift. Then I could have driven the VW Rabbit that my parents bought for me to drive, instead of the family station wagon!


Oooh, tires :)


I wish I'd known more about defensive driving. It wasn't emphasized when I started driving, but it makes such a difference!


And a tweet for you!


Mary Copeland

We have had two teen drivers and two more on the way. We stress the importance of driver safety to them and even start them with car facts before they can drive. There are so many common sense facts they can only learn when the moment is right.

Steve gardner

I wish i knew now to slow down more in sharp turns when road is wet. Hydroplaning into tree ... Not fun!


That there's no shame in pulling over until you feel confident in your ability to drive in out of the ordinary driving situations. Namely this California girl driving on the freeway during a Texas thunderstorm.

Henry Copeland

Have seen too many kids driving and texting lately, not a good combination. Stay focused. Keep eyes on the road. Slow down.

Beth Adcock

I wish I knew just how distracting the radio can be...along with the fact that other people can distract you too.

John Aten

Always expect the other driver not to do what they are required to do. They may not stop at the cross roads, they may change lanes into you, or they may stop suddenly in front of you. Always have an " escape route".


Ooh - I wish I knew how to drive manual - I realize now telling my boss "sure!" When he asked for volunteers to deliver a catering order was a HUGE mistake when I stalled at my 5th (or was it 10th??) traffic light...

Stephanie Ciudad

I wish I had known that I can't trust that other drivers know what they're doing; I have to be defensive when driving.


My aunt's favorite car ever was her Pinto...she made me wear a seatbelt in it..

But what I wish I knew...is that the reason old people in Florida suddenly make left hand turns from the right hand lane is because NJ (where they are from) doesn't do left hand turns...on main roads, only jug handle


I wish I had known that anti-lock brakes would eventually be a thing and that I shouldn't get so used to pumping brakes! I have the worst time unlearning to pump.

Greg Timm

People will do the absolute wrong thing at the worst time and you need to drive accordingly!


I need tires :-)


I tweeted at https://twitter.com/elizabethprice/status/619224391688306688

Chris Demorro

The snow tires can save your car and your life. I put some on my Wrangler only because I found a good deal, and I'm those snow tires saved my life more than once.


That the "rolling stop" my mom spoke of was not a thing.


And tweeted!

Carole l Swinney

What I wish I knew then?? How important seat belts are, and how lucky I was when I never wore them back then. I stress to all my kids seatbelt safety.


Nothing! Both my parents are excellent drivers and 30 years after they taught me I recognize they did a great job!
I'm teaching number 3 right now. It's stressful!

I remember Pintos! The first car a drove was my stepmom's Chevy Chevelle.

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