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It is so funny that you write this. I just bought a fancy paper planner similar to what you posted. I only have 2 and a full time job, and some fur babies, but it is a LOT to manage, especially since my oldest is a special snowflake and requires 2 different kinds of therapy plus all manner of specialists visits that I am struggling to manage. More than one thing has fallen through the cracks lately and I feel super frazzled. I am hoping that it helps, especially with the dinner plan thing that you mentioned.


I use my Google calendar for on-the-go, but my MAIN calendar is the paper FlyLady calendar on my fridge. My kids and hubby are finally trained to put things there if they want them to happen! It is 16 months Aug to Dec, so I just set up my new one that goes through 2016. There is a ton of space! There is a pocket in the back and I stuck in some stickers and also school calendars for reference. I like the idea of color-coding activities to people, but in fact I used highlighters for the events (birthdays and anniversaries mostly) so I see ahead to mail cards, and then I out initials next to appointments. It's what works for us.


Organizing for 7 kids here. I use my iPhone and put everything in there....with 2 reminders for every event. And I still mess up. I forget to look at it sometime--because sometimes you feel so proud that you didn't look at it for an hour, right? In fact, my 17 year old picked it up this morning and said, hey it says I have an orthodontist appt. in 30 minutes. Good thing he looked--he had to pick up his retainer. I would have forgotten to tell him to go. But he made it. So, yes, it keeps me relatively on time and keeps things organized, but nothing is flawless. And I do love the search feature so you can see exactly when was the last date someone had a doctor/dentist/orthodontist appt.


ORGAwhoooooooo ??

You know I'm always picking your brain for golden organizational tips,,,, is this IT??? Let me know who it's working of you in another month, then I'm in!


In other news, I'm taking word processing & editing classes next week geez


I'm old school and like the paper planner. There was a time in my life when I appreciated all the fancy sticker stuff....not any more. I like to use a simple calendar and I just pencil in all the important stuff. The key is to have a simple system in place, this way one will actually use it!

Karen Z

Whoa - the Happy Planner reminds me of mega scrap booking - there is so much going on on each page how can you see what you are supposed to be doing? Good old paper planners and my google calendar are what I think work best.

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