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Agree 100%


You are not at all alone. I think too many parents have forgotten to teach their children common decency for the rest of the world. Most children I meet think they are the only people in the world and can't be bothered with anyone else. It makes me very sad for the state of the world.

Wendy E

Honestly, if I found out my kids were doing that, they wouldn't be going to a movie for a very long time. That irritates me to no end. If you can't act decent in public, STAY HOME. All I can do is pray I taught/am teaching my kids better than that.


I always say I have "audience issues", but it's probably just that rude people are so common. Besides the self-absorbed teenagers, it's the drunk people at the outdoor concert, the little girl smacking her gum through the ballet, the heavy doses of perfume when the venue specifically asks for no scents...my daughters are in ballet shows and there is always some person who thinks they are the exception and takes phone video or uses a camera flash (which they always announce not to do for the sake of the kid's eyes. It's a rare treat for us to spend the money to go out. As you can see, you're not the only one! I think all selfishness really gets to me- I probably worry too much what others think- Each of my children will have heard me say "think about other people besides your self" a million times before they leave home!


You are certainly not alone. Good manners and consideration for others have gone by the wayside it seems. It's ME, ME, ME and the hell with anyone else.

Emily C

You are definitely not alone!

I've been gladly yelling at other people's kids to knock it off for years now. :-)


I'm on your side. Movies aren't cheap!! You deserve an enjoyable experience.


You are so not alone. My three have been drilled about how to act and to be polite in public. A few weeks ago I had to carry my MIL to a last minute dr's appt and my three (ages 6, 7, & 8) had to go along. They each had a tablet to entertain them, there were plenty of seats in the waiting room and they were very quiet and polite. However, this one "grumpy old man" just kept staring at us. Even when I smiled at him, he didn't return it. I'm going to assume he was staring because he was in shock at how well behaved they were and not because he thought we shouldn't have been there.


I totally agree with you! sometimes I think to myself, have I just become a grumpy old 40 yr old? but then I realize that no, I simply think that children, teens are taught to not respect others... by their parents and peers AND tv. All around us we see and hear "put yourself first. think of you.... and your feelings...."
instead of seeing how you can be a good person, not disturbing everyone, thinking of others, and being of service.
I take pride in teaching my daughter to be considerate of others, and not disrespecting everyone around her in public. She often notices the behaviours around us and is astounded at the lack of respect.
Let's hope one day it will turn around!!

Josh Wise

On your side - you had every right!


You are 100% right. Kids are not taught to respect others or their property--or rules. One of my biggest pet peaves, considering it is summer, is when you put your goggles on the side of the pool so you can swim for a minute without them, and go back to get them and they are gone. Then you look around, and they are on some kid's face. Just because I laid them down doesn't mean they are community property!! I have told and told my kids that you do not touch someone else's stuff unless you ask, ever!! It's all about respect- for others and their stuff. Come on people, teach your kids!



Joanna @ kids activities dubai

In the name of being respectful, I think what you did was right. Besides, someone else is probably going to do what you did one way or the other.

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