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Please figure this out and get back to me ASAP! My youngest is actually struggling like heck right now, and I think it's because he won't ask for (or even accept) help with things he thinks he is or should be good at, like study skills in general, or math in particular. He's in high school and we've coasted for a few years on the "well, if he really wants to get into that particular college he has picked out, he'll be motivated to figure it out or ask for help eventually" - but now it's more of a "ehhh, maybe I'm not college material" - which I'm not on board with the idea everybody needs to go to college, but this is such a quitting approach rather than a finding solutions approach I don't like it. ARGH.


The charge of narcissism is particularly galling and I honestly think it comes from jealousy -- people are jealous that you express yourself effectively and wish they could, too. But they can't, so they insult you.

I have a crowd of people calling me a narcissist because I dare to blog and express my opinion. It has made me more conscious of when it's appropriate to put myself first, i.e., I think being called a narcissist has made me more considerate of others. Given how hard it has been to express myself, though, I am not sure this is a good result.


In my family, I am known as the one who forgets things. A lot. And I do, I will readily admit. But the problems come when I definitely DO remember something - a conversation, an action - usually in my favor but the other person(s) don't remember it the same way, I automatically start from a place of being wrong and have to work really hard to prove my side. My husband remembers everything but occasionally he remembers things wrong. I have learned that it is useless to try to argue with him because he assumes that I am the one who is wrong since I forget things. And my kids have picked up on this, which is doubly annoying.

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