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"Why do I have to do EVERYTHING?"


"I already did. Yes I did. Oh, THOSE dishes TOO?!"


But I put clean underwear on YESTERDAY!


"Can I have an extra quarter or three dollars for lunch?"

"YOU'RE a morning person. I'm not a morning person"

" Four hundred dollars is really not a lot of dollars"

"Daddy steals my socks I don't steal his"

"Do I have to?"


Sure black widow spiders live 3 years, but this one won't because we don't have enough food at our house. (Just after he fed the spider in the mason jar a cricket.)

I'm going to move these rocks out and bring these other rocks in so they don't get snowed on and frozen. (Talking about rocks for the still yet unfinished fireplace. They are through out my living room, dining room, and atrium area).

I'll bet the Hutterites are doing some mystical seance for Halloween / Harvest (Pointing at a white light in the distant night sky).

And last but not least...
Thank you for doing dishes.

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