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I's hard to have these conversations, but important. My husband has good life insurance, but we don't have any for me (stay at home mom) In the past few years we have had several elderly family members pass away and some were so prepared and others not so much.
One of the hardest is who would take your kids if both parents died. When we last made a simple will it was for our 3 kids to go to my parents. They re all now college age, but we adopted a 7 year old 4 years ago and have never made it official for him. My husband and I are going away overnight next month and on my to -do list is to get that in writing.
My parents recently traveled and my mom sent an email to tell me where their will was and where her jewelry was hidden. I'm glad they did that and I don't think there would be sibling conflict-- but I am also concerned that they leave medical wishes as well.


Slightly tangential, but (since you're a reader) you might like Atul Gawande's "Being Mortal" -- a bit depressing, but he makes really excellent points about end-of-life care and being prepared for it.


this reminds me that we need to update our wills. We did one on Legal zoom 7 years ago and have had another kid since. Thanks!

Heather Bensel

We have term insurance that is closer to the end than the beginning. Need to reassess! Thanks for a well written and thought provoking post.

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