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Call your credit card company and see if they will remove the charge. I had to do that once when I got HORRIBLE service from a florist (what they were going to make was totally different than what I had purchased on-line and they refused to let me cancel the order) and the credit card company was very helpful. I'm sorry that a fun outing became so stressful.


I had trouble with a Hampton Inn also last September when I traveled for a medical appointment. I departed much later than intended for a 1 1/2 hour trip across the state because I was helping my husband and terminally ill father-in-law, so as I left my town I called ahead to re-affirm my late check-in. I was told my room would be held for me and yes there was a large tub in the room to soak in after my trip. I knew after the night before and day I'd be having it would be VIP to soak. I also needed a desk and internet connection because I had a college class assignment due by 5 pm the next day that I'd need to do that night after I arrived. It ended up being almost midnight when I got there. They didn't hold the original room for me, gave it away to someone else and their substitute had no desk and the tub was kid size not my size. (Sitting would have still left way too much of me out of the tub to soak the aches and pains away). I had reserved online. They gave me grief about canceling. I got on the phone with the 800 number and as I was talking to them, the desk person recognized I was not going to pay my original charge for the less than satisfactory room. She didn't offer any discounts or alternative rooms. The 800 number folks cancelled immediately, and gave me a confirmation number for that cancellation. I went 2 blocks away to a much nicer chain, the C'mon Inn, and for a lesser charge was given a suite with full table, desk, large TV, minibar/kitchen, and large jacuzzi tub open to the room. I did my homework, turned it in, then soaked my tired self (up til 2 am). They gave me a great wake-up call and I was at the doctor's 10 minutes early for my 9 am appointment. So, I'm a customer for life for those folks in any of the 4 states they're in. I second following up on the refund with your credit card company. Tell them you want to dispute the charge and you were told by the company it would be refunded and they have failed to do so. Then the credit card company contacts them. They don't want very many complaints that way.

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