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Oh my gosh Carmen!! Please, please speak to a doctor about what happened. It's just not normal, even if you think it is "your" normal (don't get me started on that conversation). A headache that takes you out to that degree needs to be addressed. Now. Also, a car being stolen or broken into is solvable, so don't stress about that. If it's all in your 'hood I would guess it is someone who lives in your 'hood. Okay, end of rant/proseletyzing.


We had suicidal friend in and out of the house last night through early am today, and then of course a migraine hit me. Hubby finally went to his home and sat there on his couch as he slept. Apparently he decided he needed none of his prescribed medicines and stopped them all at once, which completely unbalanced him. I stopped counting after 5 different statements of how he was going to kill himself. It was a very disturbing evening. It was also a rotten day to miss work, and I had a dr's appt scheduled for me and an advising appt with my college advisor to reschedule. I hate what a chunk migraines take out of my life. I understand your disorientation completely. I appreciate every week and every month without a migraine.


if your migraine pattern has changed then I would call the doctor. there is no point in messing with them.

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