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becky d.

Awesome words to hear!


And you just passed it on. Hard times here at the homestead just now - tons of stress about one kid's school solution that's not working, stress about alternatives, USELESS wishing different choices had been made six months ago or six years ago... and realizing no choice is going to make everyone happy. My stress comes from trying to make that happen.


I had a really hard experience once in my career, and I was probably late 20s at the time so my confidence level wasn't super high at the time. I was feeling down, demoralized, etc. so I took myself out for Indian buffet lunch, as one does. I crossed the street with my head literally hung low and this women stopped me in the middle of the block, grabbed my arms, and said something to the effect of, "Don't let this day get you down. You're better than that." and walked away. I was stunned and I'll never forget her. I needed to hear that, and clearly I was giving off that energy and she responded. Still gives me goosebumps years later.

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