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Then you might have a teenager suffer a trauma that causes late night muffled sobs, and you might get up to check, and you might climb into that teenager's bed to comfort them and fall asleep. I've heard that can be a thing that happens.


Last year at Christmas my husband and I discussed the fact that that Christmas may be the last one that we have together with all six of our children at one time. We had two that graduated from college and two moving to cities away from us to go to college. So its here and I am a basket case. My husband works a job that rquires him to be there on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Daughter#3 has to work on Christmas Eve and Daughter#4 that lives 5 hours away only gets off Christmas Day. We knew it would happen but it is just hard. I think back longly to the Christmas that our 11yr old twins woke us up at 6am baby brother in tow with the 4,5 and 7yr old on their heels!!

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