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two words:

It' January

I think the general population feels the same! And gracious woman... you did 76253712368172397 things more than most people!

Managing Diabetes

Very nice blog, thanks for this post..it's been good reading this..


Um, you did six million more things than me! If I manage to get a prescription filled, I consider that a successful week. I think you are way, way too hard on yourself, and anyone who has to manage even half of what you manage would feel in a fog. I realize this is likely to be way more trouble than it's worth, but could you delegate the muffin-making and laundry to your kids?


Ditto. It's January.
No matter that "normal routines" are back, that Christmas and New Year are dim and distant memories: for some reason, it takes, in my experience, most or all of January to get back to whatever passes for normal!
And you deserve a big pat on the back for doing everything you did get done: definitely a win.
Try to be kind to yourself. January will pass, as it does every year, and everything will settle down.

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