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Love smashed potatoes! I top them with chicken or steak fajitas, cheese, sour cream, cheese, peppers, cheese and cheese. (We like dairy in our house). Bake for 20 minutes and instant Mexican heaven! Glad to have your recipes back. I still make your crock pot chicken (with cream cheese and dry Italian seasoning) and chicken enchiladas from years ago!


So trying this! I love that its mostly stuff I have in my kitchen already -- well cept for the potatoes and lemon zest. :)

Claudia Fanelli

Just marked this recipe- thanks! Your question "What's for dinner?" made me laugh. I always respond with "food" because really, what's the difference what's for dinner? You still have to eat it. I'm sarcastic like that. :)

Jennifer Walker

I love a recipe section! I haven't even read the post yet, but I'm always searching for good stuff to make and I know you cook for A LOT OF people every day. :)


Yum, I will put this on next week's plans! I hope you get a "print recipe" function as things go on, but I understand if that's not priority #1. Hope you stay cozy and warm with few kiddo battles during your weather event.


P.S. I *love* that your recipe includes a side. I'm trying to fix up my personal 3-ring binder notebook so it has meals on one page, with directions that tell you when to do each thing so they are all ready at once.


I have been off my laptop for a while since it decided to die. I have missed your blog, and I come on here to a recipe that will make my husband cry. It has all his favorites at one meal. Thanks Carmen!!


I made these Monday. My kids asked where the recipe came from. They told me that I needed to leave a comment and tell the stranger thanks for posting the recipes. It was greatly enjoyed!


Awesome! Can't wait for more recipes! I also cook almost every day for 7 kidsand the hubby. Do you want some good, kid friendly ideas? Just let me know! Love your blog and can't wait for more dinner ideas! Oh, and your kids like mushrooms? I'm dying because the majority of my kids will.not.touch.them! They will pick out every last speck of a mushroom if they could! And I love them! 😭

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