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I believe I understand completely. You go. Get that fabulous little one (who is not so little these days...) a cup. Maybe two cups. And perhaps some sort of official document that nails those leaders to the wall the next time cups are not available....maybe something with a name like 504. :)

Stacey B.

Completely understand. {{{HUGS}}}


Good for you. As the mama of a little one with his own purple horn (with a double helping of sparkles), I see parents like you fighting for their kids every day. Y'all help me find the guts I need to be an advocate for my 2-year-old. It's good to know we're not alone.


I understand. I have not been told by any experts that I have a sparkly purple horn, but I often feel like I do. I have some traits similar to those with sparkly purple horns. And I have had this feeling my whole life like I was made wrong, just not right for a world full of gray-horned people, and will never meet my life's goals, socially or professionally, because I am not gray-horned, or maybe I am but my horn is a little more purplish and has a few sparkles.

And most of the time it's fine, but when all the gray-horned people are making plans and talking about stuff they did that you didn't get invited to, well, on one hand you're perfectly happy to not be hanging out with the gray-horned people, but on the other hand, it feels pretty lonely.

And yes, to be told that the problem is you or something you can control or something you should work on or change is really crappy, too.

I understand.


My hubby came to the realization as an adult that he has colorful, sparkly horns (not quite the same color as your kiddo's, probably, but still requiring a cup). It's been quite the journey to work together to set up our home life to support him as his chosen profession has limited flexibility on that front. Our little guy is still in preschool, so his horns aren't developed enough yet to see what color they are, although I am watching like a hawk, especially since my mil claims the two of them have identical temperaments. All that to say, keep up the good fight - you are an awesome advocate for your children!


This sounds a great deal like a fairy tale story. We all know such a story has a princess and occasionally a knight in some really clean metal pants. As such, so does this one. I am lucky enough to know both the beautiful young princess and the metal pants knight. Love them both. Well written, well lived and very well played. You both are stars in my heaven.

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