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I totally get that. My six kids are 26,23,21,19,18,&17. Only three currently live at home, and only in the summer. This fall, I will only have 1kid at home. ONE! I don't even know how to cook for one.
We recently moved to a new, bigger city, 2 hours from "home". No one at church knows we have a big family. The school where my 2 youngest went last year just thought that they were it. We drive a car, not "big van city", as my kids called the 12 passenger van we once used. Heck, a box of Little Debbie snack cakes lasts an entire week!
It's crazy, and definitely an adjustment, but I like it. I like having me time. I like going out with my hubby, bumming around. I like quiet. And calm.
It's different, but good. Life's a journey, that's for sure!


It does feel weird, after all those years of having to monitor everyone's whereabouts, etc., to just go to bed. I totally get it. I keep feeling as though I am forgetting to do something.


I am down to one at home (I honestly enjoyed my young adults moving back - they were delightful, and I miss them now that they are partnered up and moved out). The stares I get now are when I take my elderly father out. It's as if seeing a 50-year-old woman helping a frail, blind, hard of hearing man with a walker is an invitation to commentary. Today it was "YOU NEED TO PUT ON THE HAND BRAKES!" about his walker, from someone who undoubtedly had no idea that my father has used a walker for six years and the first thing he does is dismantle the hand brakes because he hates them. I have heard that it's shameful that I don't have him live with me (hey, I want us both to live) and that it's adorable that I take him out. What?

Karen Z

Embrace this Carmen - you worked really hard to get here!


Totally get this! Does this mean we are getting old, haha! Every stage has it's plusses and minuses. I have to say we are enjoying the little freedoms that having older kids entail. Enjoy your summer!

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