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Jennifer Walker

yup. sometimes it isn't enough. Even though I know in my heart it was all I had. And you're right..I try to be at peace with that. every day.


Amen, sister. I have two adult children who seem to be lovely, hard-working people living independently with good jobs and relationships. AND YET I have a 15-year-old right now who is struggling with some heavy stuff and fumbling a. lot. I know that when numbers one and two were fifteen I thought they would live with me forever causing me heartache at every turn, and they got through it (and I did too). Even so, I am worried about number three every minute of every day and second guess every weird choice I make. My mind knows that his struggles (and successes) at this point are really more to do with him than me, but my heart doesn't get it. We will get through this as well, Carmen! We are good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like us.


Yo, Carmen, sing it sister! Well said!!!!And I love the other comments. I kind of crack up now when I see people trying to mold their kids in their likeness or doing their best to give their kids the best of everything in the hope that one day they will be awesome humans!We do the best we can but one never knows? It's an adventure!

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