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So GLAD you are sticking around!!!! I love your blog! I get that life changes and yada yada, but I'm just so glad you're here and I love checking in on you...I first started reading you years ago when you had ELF going on. On another note I never mentioned this, because mostly I lurk (except for that one time you so graciously allowed me to guest post here!) but for six months about two years ago we lived in DC and we traveled a few times to your neck of the woods. I was laying on the beach one day in your town and looking for you...hoping against hope that you'd show up with your kids. No luck, alas, and now we're back in San Fran area so no more Virginia Beach for me! Anyway...just a voice from afar to say that I'm glad you are still here! And I'm still reading! :-)


That mom version of Rumspringa sounds pretty awesome to me!


Do stick around!! I stilling to read what you have to say. And it gives me hope to know there is a light at the end of the parenting tunnel! I can't imagine ever being in my house alone for a week!!


I am starting to feel differently about the blogs I read, too. It does feel like you bloggers are my friends, and I want to know how you are doing and what you are up to - but it is kind of lopsided because I don't blog and therefore you don't really know me at all. You have replied to my comments a few times, and then I feel like a got an email from a celebrity! Sometimes that makes me feel like a voyeur who doesn't deserve to hear about your life - but at the same time, you do *really* matter to me. I hope you "keep in touch" even if your blogging style changes, and I will try to make more of an effort to comment!


Beautiful photos. I forbid you from ever closing your blog. Amen and amen. ;)


Yeay! Please stick around. We all change constantly and that is a good thing. This shouldn't feel like a chore but a fun diversion. When it isn't fun, then stop.


Please do stick around Carmen. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a very long time. You are a wonderful writer and have a lot of wisdom. You really do. Enjoy the rest of your summer and so glad you had a little bit of a break before school starts again. God bless


I am glad you are staying for awhile. You are famous, I tell everyone about your blog and your homemade tomato sauce you posted last year. I made a batch last night.
I find your blog intriguing because you are local and can relate to things you mention about VA.

Becky from Newport News

lynn mayden

Love your blog! Don't quit just yet.

Jennifer W.

Oh I'm happy that you're back! I've been checking. You're couple weeks off sound lovely and restful -- except for cleaning part. I'm glad you're sticking around!


Great news!


I'm still reading and I hope things are going well for you!


Hi Carmen! I'm still reading, too, and I agree with everyone. I understand when bloggers move on but lately, so many of my favorites have closed up shop. I feel like you have found a nice balance with your blog and I will continue to stop by:) Thank you for always being honest with your readers and sharing your life and thoughts with us!


So, I wasn't around much for a long time and we haven't become friends (though I think we could), but I would miss you if you stopped blogging. On the other hand, I completely understand. Life moves and shifts and change, often extremely unanticipated change, happens. So please do blog as long as you have any motivation to do so. And I'll keep coming around and reading.

Karen Z

Selfish me is glad you are staying.


PLEASE don't stop blogging! Although I haven't been loyal - life and all - I so enjoy reading your posts when I do come here. Also the book of face only sometimes tells me that you have a new post.


I also enjoy reading your posts, but I'm fine with your sporadic times. I think that's a natural ebb and flow of life. And yes I think of you as my friend even though we've never met.

elizabeth k

I always check in, been reading you for 10 plus(?) years. I won a few of your give -aways.I love your take on life, I have become more merciful but more resistant to certain things, people. I always wished you to share more cooking/baking, as I know you excel at that. Also wished you'd share how to find yourself despite living among challenging/difficult people.

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