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I know a custom mouthguard is expensive, and it burns me up that insurance won't pay for it, because even just clenching your jaw at night results in LOTS of severe medical problems; but, having sprung for the $750, I can tell you this: it is worth borrowing, begging, temporarily canceling someone's music lessons to have that thing. And, eventually, my mouthguard will probably pay for itself, in what I will save on copays alone for a TMJ specialist. Not to mention the 50% I would have to pay for crowns for cracked teeth! By the time I got my mouthguard, my left jaw was locking and I couldn't even eat properly in the morning. The joint was sore to the touch, too. After a few weeks of use, all that went away.


My thoughts? I turned 50 late last year and one of my co-workers told me that's when the warranty runs out. It is so sad when a doctor starts a sentence with "Well, at your age ..."


Carmen I think that having your eyes checked was a great start. The eye drops should help. Thoughts about the headaches. Could it be hormonal? Do you have sleep apnea? Seasonal allergies? You have probably covered all of your basis. One of our daughters has chronic headaches and although we are still trying to figure out the root cause ( she does have non-allergic vasomotor rhinitis which is a contributing factor)the doctor recommended taking B2- 100 mg tablets twice a day and irrigating her nose with a neti pot. Just some ideas. Hang in there.

Yum Yucky

I wore the granny chain in high school. I seriously thought it was cool. The fact that you are high maintenance anything just has a fancy ring to do. You really know how to do it up big time. xoxo


Hey Carmen - haven't been here in a while and am regretting it, big time!! You and I seem to have the same vision issues, the exception being that my weak eye is my left and also that I didn't wear any kind of corrective lenses until I was in my 30s because yeah, I'm a genius. My right eye could compensate so well that I didn't feel I needed anything. Long story short, I finally got contacts and realized what I'd been missing! I also have "cheaters" now for reading. I, too, have severely dry eyes. My doctor suggested hot compresses for ten minutes a day. My husband has tried this and it helps, a lot. Doing this triggers the glands that produce tears (there are more than the ones in the corners of your eyes) to function better. Have I done it yet? Um, no. I'll be curious to know what other solutions you find.

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