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Headless Mom

I have a child that doesn't eat real food. A protein shake for breakfast and protein bars for lunch and snacks. I tried fighting it forever but I finally gave in. No more Hot Spot about it. Life is much easier this way. Although it still drives me crazy we don't fight about it any longer.

Julie Carroll

Good gravy-i have one kid so feel stupid in commenting. However-she now walks home from school to wait from me which means for the day she needs a charged phone, a charged hotspot, a snack and homework. That alone is killing us.


My entire house is a hot spot as I am never there and always working!!! Just kidding but not really I would say the two hot spots are a side counter in my kitchen and my bedside night stand. I try to clean these areas once a week but have not mastered the daily cleaning. I must say though the older I get the more grace I give myself and others as well. My clutter is not due to laziness but due to a very challenging work schedule which is necessary at this time in my life.

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