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Really interesting list, and I love your comments. I don't like one of the items on the list - that feelings are more important than thoughts. One of the things I've learned over the past thirty-some years dealing with therapists and supporting CBT for my significantly depressed father and mood-disordered child is that believing this (and not understanding that feelings often come from the way you think about things) is highly correlated with depression. For example, suppose you notice your friends talking in a room and they all stop talking when you come in and change the subject. If you think they were probably talking about how ugly and stupid you are, you'll feel really bad. If you think they were planning a fun surprise for you, you'll feel good. Or, if you actually hear one of your friends say something bad about you, if you think that's probably true and a reflection of how everyone thinks of you, you'll feel bad, but if you think that's one person's opinion and you are glad to know that person's true feelings, you may not feel great, but you'll be less devastated.

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