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I think I am sort of the opposite: it was a relief for me when I found a group of homeschooling Catholics who made no apologies for the fact that the toddler showed up to events in pajamas or that the house wasn't perfect. Before that, I was setting the bar too high and wasn't able to enjoy my large family, chaos and all. That's not to say that I don't hate disorder - I prefer to have the house manageable and the kids bathed and dressed, beds made, etc. before 9 AM. But I learned not to beat myself up when that didn't happen.

And, if it makes you feel any better, it sounds to me that the teacher was just telling your daughter to take personal responsibility and not blame her mistakes on others, right? Or am I being too charitable there?


Hmmmm. I am a dependable person but only dependable to a very few circle of people. For the life of me, I have never figured out how to be actively involved with a myriad of things and be dependable and organized with all activities and work 50 hours outside of the home. Is this possible? Not for me. I use to have such high expectations for myself and continually berated myself for all that I could not be involved in and be well....dependable. I use to burn my candles at both ends but now I am burned out. I think I have decided to be dependable with taking care of myself so that maybe one day when the nest is empty and I can work part time hours I can still have my health that will enable me to be dependable and organized to others. I am ranting. God bless Carmen.

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