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Melanie Ogren

How to properly address an envelope is one at the top of my list.


Coming up with a budget. Reading a bill, and knowing how to contact someone if it doesn't look right. Filling out forms. Making a doctor's appointment, dentist, hair cut, etc.

My kids went to a great driving school that also taught them how to check oil, change a tire, change wiper blades, and jump start a car. What they didn't teach was parallel parking! Gah!


Writing a resume and cover letter, and practicing interview skills so they can eventually move out :) Cooking a few basic staples. Laundry. How to talk to people - on the phone and in person. Appropriate dress for different occasions (still figuring this out!)


Laundry- but sheets every week?? You are amazing! I try every two weeks, but if I get off schedule, it's who knows how long!

Make a budget, stay on a budget, cook simple meals, choosing healthy options for eating....plus all the ones someone said above.


That work sometimes just sucks. And pouting because you're 23 and much of your job is entry-level grunt work and standing around whispering and gossiping with your friends like you're in middle school is not going to get you the respect you think you deserve.


Living with other people. Not just roommate respectl but ideas like paying your half of the rent and utilities on time or early.


Writing thank you notes. I just had to send out 12 this week and though it is not my favorite thing to do - it is necessary.


For dads, teaching your sons to shave. My son asked my husband to show him the night before he left for Marine Corp boot camp. He was 18 and barely had a hair on his face, I still tear up thinking about it.

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