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Someone will remember. Someone just did. You.


I remember both positive and negative things about my childhood as memories are provoked by various events in my life today. I think, however, that no one can control what someone else remembers.


Yes, I wonder, too. Odds are they remember different things than we remember. But I do think (or hope) they remember that we were always there, for better or worse.


They will remember, and i bet if they don't, their friends will. Or you will. Somebody will.


My mother hates photographs. I think it happened when she divorced my father and he argued that he needed to keep all of the family photos, including hers from when she was growing up. I later borrowed the photo albums from him and scanned all of the photos and put them in a new book for her, but by then she had decided that memories are all we need. For me, though, pictures help define and bring back memories. I think that without them I would remember much less.

My kids remember things I no longer remember. That makes me feel old.


I think, for what it's worth, that it's okay if some of these things only matter *now*. If they only matter at the time, and maybe for the next couple months when they think about "oh Mom did that really nice thing for me" or "Mom always shows up when I need her, doesn't she, huh".

I think it's okay if some of those things then blur together as they get older.

They still matter *now*. They are still love pennies in the wishing well of your kids' minds. (That metaphor totally got away from me.)


What a great post! Now we are all wondering . . . . and remembering.

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