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That is a great question... I think I'd like to be in the Library of Congress. Or in the Smithsonian. Once I left High School I gained an incredible urge to learn new things, and I think those places would be fun to explore on my own for a while. No coffee needed, just light so I can actually see what I'm looking at...


I would love to be locked up in a restaurant. To play with the equipment and explore the fridge and pantry would be great. I could try ALL the things!


I'd like to be locked up in the metropolitan museum's storage department and be able to look at all the art they have there. SO inspirational.


A library would be awesome, but a Barnes and Noble would have lots of books AND the coffee shop — best of both worlds!

I would say Busch Gardens, but you'd need at least one other person there because you can't operate and ride the rides at the same time. Also, it'd be pretty creepy in the dark by yourself.

A history or a science museum or an aquarium would also be pretty sweet. I'd love to be able to take my time with the exhibits and not have anyone blocking the view.


Definitely the Smithsonian (or maybe Williamsburg) even though I love to read.

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