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Karin Tracy

I'm reading Fates & Furies right now for bookclub and I desperately want to finish it / never stop reading it. The language is divine and the characters and their struggles relatable.


My favorite is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It is magnificent. Also, The Winds of War and its sequel War and Remembrance were favorites of mine growing up. AND Betsy-Tacy, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice...

I used to be like you - i.e., not understand how anyone could NOT be a reader. But over the last few years (and I do hope this is temporary), I have found it very difficult to get through a book. I mean, I can still read just fine, but I don't care. You know how it feels to try to eat when you are completely congested and can't taste a thing and you think, "Why am I chewing this?" That's the feeling I get with books right now. I can race through them, but they don't do anything for me. Old favorites excepted, of course...

I seriously feel as though I have lost a friend.

Carmen S

My husband was once able to use our (then) infant son at the library as ID to pick up my holds (library books on hold), because even though the library didn't recognize my man, she knew my baby, I was in there so much. Plus - love it that I've found another Carmen S! There are two of us Carmen S's here in the Yakima Valley, and I had no idea that there was another floating around out there (wherever you are) somewhere. :) <3


You and your older daughters might enjoy Prep by Curtis Sittenfield, which is about a girl from a lower-class Indiana family who receives a scholarship to attend a prestigious boarding school on the East Coast. It's written from the perspective of the woman 10 or 15 years after she's graduated and moved on with her life, and it's divided up into fall, winter, spring, taking you through her four years at the school. It's a quick easy read, and the kind of book that any girl or young woman from middle school to middle age could appreciate for different reasons.

Emily C

Totally. Hated. Outlander. I think I read it because you said you loved it! I wanted to know how it finished. Never wanted to see it again. *shrugs* Sorry!

My favorite books are Ladies of Missalonghi (Colleen McCullough) and The Blue Castle (L.M. Montgomery). Funny enough, the plot lines are almost identical.

Abbi Perets

I read constantly, and four of my five kids read. And then there's the one who is developmentally disabled and can't read. I mean, he can sound out words. But mostly he relies on memorization and guessing. If we sit with him, carefully pointing at each letter, at each word, he can make it through a line. Another one. Maybe a third, but at that point, he has no idea what happened back at the beginning of the first line.

This hurts me so much, every day. It hurts me for many reasons. It hurts me because I love reading, and it gives me such joy. I love stories. My son also loves stories, and I think he would get joy from reading stories if he could. It also hurts me because my son already faces many limits, and this is just one more. In the coming years, I will have to break my son’s heart again and again, as I tell him about the things he cannot do. Reading fluency would open some of those doors.

Parenting is hard.

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