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Carmen. This is such a good post and I am really pondering what you shared. I am unable to spend my time currency in meaningful ways at the present...there are situations that are out of my control...however, the few hours that I can claim as my own I plan to OWN. God Bless.

Jennifer W.

This is exactly what I've been thinking about this year, so far! I work full time, and started law school full time in January. I also have a relationship, a house to take care of, and am sober - which for me requires meetings and time.
So I knew going into the year, that I would have to be really mindful of how I spent my time.
And it has forced me to really filter out anything that isn't dear to me. For example, I love reading and will not give that up. But Words with friends? I can give that up. I enjoy it, but it doesn't call to me like books do. I have a giant list of blogs I enjoy. But that's been narrowed to about 5 I check weekly too. And people that don't bring me joy or add anything to my life? Forget it. No time for them!
It's been a good exercise for me!

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