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None of my kids currently read for fun either, even though two of them have enjoyed reading in the past. It's sad. I'm reading Mennonite in the Little Black Dress right now. I'm about to re-read The Road (Cormac McCarthy) again soon. I love that book so much.


I was an avid reader as a child, and I don't know why I'm not as an adult. I always have a book going, and I read for a few minutes before bed, but for the most part, I've given up the books for online articles, many of them pointless. And I think this change happened around the time that we first got internet when I was a young teen.

I feel like I lack the attention span for real reading. Unless it's a super captivating book, which is rare, I feel compelled after a few minutes to check Facebook, my email...something might be going on!

Writing this makes me feel sad. Do you have any secrets to escaping a smartphone/laptop addiction and actually losing it in a book?

I'm currently reading the Hamilton biography, so it doesn't help that some of it is, well, dense. It's not that it's really difficult, but frankly, I'm more interested in Hamilton's personal life and his personal and political relationships with others than the details of the Federalist Papers.

Last thing I read that really captivated me? I'm super into true crime — murders and missing persons cases — so probably the "After Etan" book, which I read before the recent conviction.

Marjorie Anne Graff

I just finished And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer
by Fredrik Backman (Goodreads Author). That was the latest book I have read.

I don't read as much as I used to. I never seem to have time to read anymore -- even though I am retired. All six of my daughters read alot and my husband always has two or three books going. There just aren't enough hours in the day!


Oh Carmen, you should see the table next to my sofa! I must have about 20 books stacked up there, and they are all new! I just cannot resist books! The problem is, I never seem to find enough time to just sit and read! I am happy to report that my oldest daughter has recently discovered books, after a long time not liking anything! She has enjoyed the The Giver series. She is currently reading Fahrenheit 451 for a class, which is pretty cool that they still read the classics!It made me so happy to hear her to talk all about it:)


I'm ridiculously excited that my 27 year old daughter just joined a book club. My son doesn't read unless he has to. I'm in two books clubs that have both been together almost 20 years and love them both. I don't read as much as I used to but I still do quite a bit. I also read and loved A Man Called Ove (the movie was really good too). BUT. I've been in a bad book slump. Nothing has really grabbed me in quite a while. I just finished Still Life With Bread Crumbs and it was good but not "it". I'm waiting for that one that comes along occasionally that really gets me. I will definitely check out the books mentioned here.

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