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I hope it is the answer and you have continued relief. I have had 2 migraines in my life, would not wish them on anyone! I remember both v i v i d l y! ❤️🙏


Although I loathed the idea of topamax for a myriad of reasons (and kind of still do) I have found it to be highly effective and am glad I gave it a try. The side effects totally went away after a couple of months for me, and it really stabilized the insane headache situation I was in (darn it, I so want to hate the stuff :) ). I also take verapamil, which is a BP med that is used off label for migraines, should you need to try something else down the road. In the end, can't believe I waited so long to try them - stubborn what? :)


I have been down this rode with Migraines of what will work and what won't work.

I'm like you on Topomax which is not my favorite med but it has worked like a charm for the most part. Part of the other problem is I have a thyroid condition that adds into the factor.

Overall, I have seen a major decrease and have been happy with that. Good luck.

Heather Petty

I suffer from migraines also and got a daith piercing last year. Mine have decreased to almost none! NOw, I didn't have them as bad as you do...but one migraine is way too many. And I would have several a month. My piercer told me to put some sea salt in a 16oz water bottle and shake it up. Use a qtip with this solution on it to clean the ear around the piercing and the jewelry. AND use a dry q tip to dry the ear and the piercing and the jewelry. Also, be sure to dry your ears with a qtip after you shower, exercise, and/or any time you sweat. I think this advice helped with the healing tremendously. The Qtip reaches places on the ear and piercing that a towel just can't get to and a towel could possibly leave moisture. I hope the decrease in migraines continues! and I hope it heals well!

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