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I had someone ask to use my phone while I was in Atlanta. At night, in the dark, in Olympic Centennial Park, a man asked to use my phone to call his friend to call Uber because his phone died. I was in town for the Rotary International Convention, and looked like a tourist as I was wearing a Rotary shirt and taking pictures of the skywheel. I was wary of giving some random stranger my phone, so I told him I would make the call for him and asked him for the number. He gave me a 301 number, which is not Atlanta. I asked him why I was calling Maryland for his friend in Atlanta, and he looked very flustered at that. I dialed the number, and reached the voice mail of a woman speaking Spanish (and this man was not Spanish-speaking), told him there was no answer just Spanish voicemail, and he walked away quickly.

I try to be nice, and offered to help by dialing the number (which the lady you approached could have done) but handing over my cell phone which has a lot of information stored to a man in the middle of Atlanta did not seem like a wise move to me. I'm surprised the lady didn't offer to dial the number for you, though.

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