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Hi, there. :) nice to read you again. Sorry I've been slow over my way. not much I can tell though.


Great Article!

MB Squared

I used to blog, and I used to read and comment on your blog. Now, I am in the season of working outside the house, sports activities, orchestra performances and running around town. Also I returned to school in which I am required to write A LOT. I enjoyed your blog very much in my different season. 😊💕


I tried blogging twice and couldn't manage my way through the first commenters - and they were nice! They just seemed to demand more from me than I wanted to share. I still love reading blogs, and yours remains a favorite, Carmen, because I always feel like either I "get" you, or you "get" me - something hard to describe.

You aren't alone. My youngest is super smart, kind, generous, a leader in his activities, teachers love him and compliment his class participation - but he is completely uninterested in school, and may not graduate high school. Look at all those positives - why do I feel like a GED would break my heart? it's more revealing of prejudices I didn't think I had than anything else. Sigh. Therapies? Check, check, and check. I am trying to be a 70's mom, living my own life and blaming the kids for their own problems. (Was that just my mom? She's great, and I love her, and she will readily admit to this. It seems so much easier. I struggle.)

Can we talk about menopause? Empty nests? Grandchildren? The decay of the body while there are still those older than us Crossfitting their way into the best shape of their lives? Cholesterol? I don't mind if the posts are fewer or shorter, but I would miss the blogging community terribly if it faded away.


Oh Carmen I am so there with you. I have been thrown some major curve balls with our children BUT it sounds like your kids are talking about the things that are in their closets and that is a blessing. One of my kids came to me this year to share something that was a shock......I did respond with grace as did my husband but still.....I have been plagued with guilt and why didn't I see this thing.....but what I am learning is that WE ALL HAVE CLOSETS of both good and bad. I am supremely proud of my kid for talking with us and is now in counseling. Another child is uber smart and blows it away scholastically but is plagued with anxiety and now we are dealing with panic attacks and migraines.....fun times at our house I tell you. This I know - as a nurse and mom, I take my kids to the doctor when they are sick.......we are now dealing with emotional issues and other private (closet) issues so we need help. No shame in that. I refuse to live under shame or guilt. We will get through this and I know my kids will be more compassionate and more grateful and God willing more whole.


Don't stop writing!!

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