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This post is exactly why I've never been to a HS reunion in 35 years. They're too expensive. I graduated with 724 other people and I still keep in touch with my 6 or 8 friends. The bitchy people are still bitchy. The cliques are still cliquey. Life is too short. I'd rather have coffee with a stranger than go to a reunion LOL


Great post Carmen!!! I've never gone to any of my reunions because I didn't really like any of the people I went to school with. Why put myself through that. I'm proud of you for going for it. I would have don't the same thing, too, and gone for ice cream after!!! You have a great life and are badass. That's enough!


You and I are the same age. I just sent regrets for my 30th, which is next month. I didn't like 98% of them when I was there and why would anything be different now? (Also, it was a small school -- only 90 people in my class.)


You rock! That is all. Congratulations on the wedding and the travel - much better than high school reunions.


Carmen, You are a badass and yes way too hard on yourself. I tend to avoid large parties in general, I prefer smaller gatherings. Small talk to me seems, well small. I would rather be around people and really have a conversation.
PS - Nobody is perfect


Oh I feel for you! Good for you tho -showing up and going in. I despise large groups of people -especially people who you have to "Show off to." From what I've heard -high school reunions aren't all they are cracked up to be -they are a lot like high school -only worse. The ending to your day sounded perfect tho :)


There were only about 30 in my class. Trust me, it's no better when you know them all, lol. At least the tenth wasn't. Hella awkward, but I guess at least we all knew each other, so they were used to my awkward? We haven't done one since. I'm not disappointed.


This year was my 30th reunion (class of '87 fist bump!) and I thought about going for maybe 5 minutes. Met up with two of my favorite high school pals in NYC instead. Did not regret that decision for a second when I looked at the FB updates.


I know exactly what you are saying. I had a small group of friends from high school, but once I graduated the only thing I could think of was getting out and living an adventure or two. So I spent most of my life traveling for work. When I settled down I tried to re-connect with a few friends and they were all amazed that I wasn't dead. Was it because I fell off the edge of the world, or had I really built up that reputation in school? Anyway, most just flittered away and continued on with their lives, and now that my youngest is out of the house I'm going back overseas to see more of the world. And reading your post I realized something, we intimidate the popular kids. Because they were gods in school (just ask them) but then they become boring, normal people in their adult lives. And then when they see the Benders of the world do better than they can it kind of reminds them that they turned out to be the Al Bundys of the world. And that is why they all ghosted away from you, because you intimidated them, because you are the baddass that they will never be, and they know it. I never went to prom, because I was already looking forward to my first adventure (stupid, right?) And I've yet to attend a reunion, but now that the kids are grown I just might go to the next one and see how many Bundys I can intimidate... BTW, congrats on the wedding!

Ouida Gabriel

I couldn’t relate to my fellow classmates while in high school seeing how I was a teenage mother, already was married (and separated from) my then husband. Life has a way of showing what is important and isn’t. High school was so typically immature. Why would I want to subject myself to that mindset again?

I doubt I will ever see my fellow classmates again, maybe if I’m passing through town. I live a thousand miles away so very doubtful. The only thing I miss about high school are the teachers who inspired me. They made it worth it.

Watching a great movie with your loved ones? That is a much better use of your time.

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