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Well, you know, that one kid was just making sure because they well, have lived their whole life with you and have seen some of the things you've gotten yourself into... :-) Not just the exercise, but the feeling of accomplishment when you try, and succeed at something new in your life. We all know you will succeed, I doubt there is anything you can't do once you put your mind to it. Good luck, and try not to embarrass the kids on your crew by blowing them out of the water with your drive!

lynn mayden

I enjoy exercise now! It was hard to start but now I do something daily unless I am really sick. I feel so much stronger. Now if I get my emotional eating under control I would lose some serious weight.



Please forgive this comment as I don't fully understand how Blogging works and I don't know how to start a two-way comment..

Anyway, speaking of changes and specifically now that you have more free time (yea, right) on your hands, have you considered pursuing your photography as a business? Looking back at your photos and they are simply amazing. You have an excellent eye for detail, composition and the use of light. Your subjects, whether they are animated or not, always pop in your photos. I've seen professionally trained photographers that can't create a drop of what you post on your site. It is also obvious that you enjoy it as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out the obvious, from my limited perspective, and I hope I didn't step on any toes by not following the proper etiquette in how I'm supposed to offer changes to the current train of thought..

And be sure to keep rowing too, we all need a role model to emulate!


I love reading your blogs (and I am one of the long-time readers who pop in and out and catch up after an absence... because of my chaotic life and school work). I hope you are using the door closing to one job as a window to a world of new opportunities.

PS I loved the May photos, the Japan photos, the snow photos (and your gorgeous girls), and the encouragement of the rowing photos as I am trying to get on board with walking every day and struggling.


You know, I think I should "get out there and get started." That's solid advice and I need to do something. I like rowing, too. And lap swimming. But my lazy self talks me out of doing either. Time to just start.

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