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You’re doing great and are not alone. One day, one step, one thought., one breath at a time. I hear you. You matter.


I know this sounds silly, but you should really sit back and see all that you've accomplished through out the years. Not only have you raised six kids, an amazing feat in itself, but you've also placed a pretty indelible mark on the world that not many people can equal. In addition to holding down a traditional job, you've also created multiple blogs that are followed by people around the world. People look up to you and get inspiration from your honest views of the world. You are extremely well written and can articulate your thoughts in a manner that not only educates but also entertains the masses. I know many people with Masters and Doctorate degree in English that can't come close to your abilities at writing. Not only are you an exceptional writer, but you have an amazing photographic eye as well. You blend color and composition in your photos that shames many professionals that make a living with their cameras. And this only scratches the surface of what makes Carmen such a special person. If you could only see what the rest of us see everyday, you too would be very proud of yourself. You are simply amazing.

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  • Carmen Staicer is a whirlwind of energy and execution who rarely sleeps and loves coffee and happens to have six outstanding awesome kids. A concentration of asthma, food allergies, spectrum disorders and learning disabilities means that she has learned more than she ever thought possible and knows less than she ever could imagine. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, boxing (she has her Black Belt in Muay Thai), rowing, sleeping, exploring coffee shops, homeless ministry, photography, and cooking.