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Yet another great summer. You did good.


Nice to see a post from you! Sorry to hear you have been in the trenches with mental health stuff, Carmen. Have you run across the book Self-Compassion? I find it really painful to read, but in a good way. Like, life-changingly painful-in-a-good-way.

Person Who Used To Think It Was A Good Thing When People Said They'd Never Met Anyone Who Was Harder On Herself But Who Recently Realized That Attitude Was Not Doing Her Any Favors

(also a person who is painfully aware that the changing is harder than the realizing, but that first "signature" was long enough already)

Kelly Roe

Well!! You have certainly been busy!! Lovely bunch of mini You'd is that all? I thought you had more!
Glad you got a job tho your job is death to me (DIABETIC PLUS Cray Cray!!) I live for my no monthly appointment with my therapist I can usually make two weeks with just one little curl up in the corner with my blanket for an hour or two.
We gotta keep on getting on!!
You are my Heroine!!


It's great to see you are back in the swing of things! You've definitely been busy this Summer, and yes, you take a lot of pictures, and they are all great! You have a keen eye and should enjoy capturing the beauty around you. And if you look back at the few pictures you've posted of yourself you will see the beautiful person we all see everyday. You are amazing, and you will come out on top! Happy Fall!

Niko Whitson

I'm happy to see a new post from you. I love reading your posts! I think you should mail those companies letters letting them know they should improve their communication skills. Stay awesome!


What about your oldest daughter!!!

lynn mayden

Love your posts, pictures and updates. Time flies by quickly but it sounds like you did a lot this summer.

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