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August 04, 2009



Kids too young for school, but they're getting new shoes at the same time I always did,

betty r

alwaysatryin at gmail.com

It is a toss up at times.Between me and hubby i am smarter.He constantly is calling me in here and asking questions when he is online.
I enjoy blogging and since i have started that has pushed me to learn more and more.I love it..
Now when it comes to the kids,there is the toss.My 17 year old stepson is showing me ''new things'' all the time.Pod cast..WHAT??? lol..he is a whiz at that kind of stuff.I guess most kids are.
I would love to win this for my family,my poor desktop dinosaur is huffing and puffin now..I fear the end is near>>> ;(
Thank you so very much for this chance...

betty r

nannato5 twittered you
http://bit.ly/vbOAh win a laptop! ends tomorrow

alwaysatryin at gmail.com

Alice C

i still do, but that's i'm sure will change very soon :0)

kim b

My kids. They start their computer classes at a much earlier grade than I did in school.

Jason Lawless

Depends on the applications you are talking about. I certainly know more about the hardware end of it and my 12 year old knows more about the internet side of it! He is closing the gap on hardware quickly however!


My kids definitley know more about computers than I do. However, I have made it a goal to actually learn more than them this year!


I know a fair amount, but my kids understand the workings better than I do, and my grandkids have a better in-depth understanding than any of us.


I definitely know more than the kids!

Linda J.

My kid has four legs and fur, so I'm pretty sure I know more.

William Meyer

I have fallen into the dummy of my family

Kim H.

My husband knows more about computers than I do or my kids. He's in IT. We respect and rely on his opinions.

Rachel Newman

My kids are my cats, and they know very little re: computers considering how often they step on and sit on the keyboard, turning off the WiFi, putting me into Hibernation, turning on Sticky Keys, etc.. Grrr...Now all I need is a Cat-Away Computer!


I'm technically the kid so I would have to say I do.

Sherry E.

Although I know a lot about computers, I would say my 14 year old son knows WAY more! He is very intelligent..he learns from his dad and also by doing things on his own! I am very proud of him!


I don't have kids, but my nephew and niece will soon know more :)


My kids do big time :)

:) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)




my friends come to me for computer advice i try

Shane Murray

Definitely me - the kids aren't quite old enough to understand the computer yet, but pretty soon I'm sure they'll know more.

Laura Cutshall

Honestly, I'm the more computer-savvy person in my entire family, but that's because I have to work with computers on a daily basis and am often relied upon to figure out a solution to software or hardware problems.

Mya Brooks

Oh definitely me. My ex was an expert, and taught me everything he knows...

israel y

i know more than my son but i guess he's only 11 weeks old so in a couple years, he'll probably know more than me.


My kids know a heckuva lot more than I do about computers.




I have no kids... so I have to say me! but my hubby is an IT manager, so he wins :)

Jay F.

I know more about computers, as I work with them all of the time, but the kids might know more about Facebook...

Jusitne McDilda

I know more then my kids do, my kids are only 3yrs and 4.5months old, but my husband knows a lot more then I do about them

Jusitne McDilda


Jusitne McDilda



I know more then the kids. But one of them is smart with the computer cause I taught him.

Carrie Allen

At the moment me but I am sure in a few years they will.


I don't have kids, but I know when I was growing up, my dad knew more about comupters than I did. Nowadays I'd like to think I know more than kids, but I bet a lot of them are more computer-savvy!.

Emmy T

Who knows more? I hope I do, because I worry a lot when they are on the computer without my input.


I tweeted! http://twitter.com/crazeypoet/status/3657202092


That would be me. Seeing as my daughter is only 8 months old, I have the advantage. I'm sure it won't be too long though and she'll have me beat!

jessiekaitlin at hotmail dot com

Bella Mia

I believe it's a toss up between my husband and me. We both do graphic design but he is more technically advanced in scripts than I am. I am more technically advanced in computer software and of course surfing the internet.LOL Computers and software are changing all of the time and it's almost impossible to keep up with them. By the time you go out, buy the newest latest and or greatest computer, 3 months later there is something that has more to offer and or updates to the many "bugs" that computers and or software tend to have in the beginning. It's a never ending cycle. It's amazing though how much children know about computers, not just by how to type and surf the internet but by how they are able to navigate different screens, troubleshoot problems and of course how to change that darned desktop picture or screen saver.LOL

Bella Mia

I tweeted about your site/contest here: http://twitter.com/MiBellaMia/status/3658310612


Are you kidding me?! Definitley kids. They start so young it is so natural for them. We have to re-learn our lives due to all the new technology. Where are the flying cars by the way?


definitely me!


I don't have kids yet, but I definitely know more about computers than my parents. I am their tech-support. :)

Derk Thomas

I know more about how the hardware, but he know more about the software and internet.

Isaac A.

I know more about computers, but I know in a few years they will surpass me :)


I have the kids beat, definitely!

christopher h

actually i still know more, but i assume not for long


I don't have kids but I'm sure if I had them, they'd know more about computers and every other form of technology than I do. At least I can say I know more about computers than my mom!

Cheryl L.

I am better on the computer than the kids but they are catching up.


When I was schooling, I remembered my mom combed my hair, put me new uniform and packed with lots of books to school by bus. That day was very hard to carry it daily from home to school. Nowadays, kids are very lucky that they only carry homework folder and one book if needed.


Please delete my first post as I answered wrongly. I have more knowledge about the computer but my kids love to play games on it.



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