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I woke up an hour and a half after my alarm should have gone off and let the day decline from there.


I'm 7.5 months pregnant - exercise consists to trying to walk without falling, and carrying laundry up and down the stairs. I'm eating okay, overall I'd say good, but I had a Tooth Fairy Situation that I'm not too sure about yet that I posted on my blog about.

Think it's probably a wash. But I tried to smile a lot and give lots of hugs.


No, I ate the ice cream instead of the compote. Sigh. But it was GOOD.


All in all the day was a good one. I work as the secretary at a church and a pastor of another church brought in a new publicity idea that I really like and am implementing at our church for special events. Had an adult dinner/fellowship at church last night that was fun. My husband hates games, but participated last night with no hesitation at all. We picked our daughter up from her volleyball game at 9:00 and she finished her homework by 10:30 which is a record since high school began! The down side, my husband was supposed to be out of town next week for only 2 days for work, but now will be gone all week and may not even make it home in time for Friday's homecoming football game.


Good day
Then WIlliam sliced the webbing between his pinky and ring finger on his left hand. BUT, the ped we saw said if it were her kid, she would glue that puppy together and keep a close eye on it. And she gave us a scrip for antibiotics just in case too.

SO, for as bad as that one part was, it was all ok. I ate lunch out with a friend, sorted the boys clothes for fall/winter, and realized Samuel needs clothes. He has almost nothing. SEriously, one pair of sweatpants, and lots of shirts. 4 one piece outfits, all of which are too big because despite being a ginormous baby, he is a little guy now.

But he said Alligator last night and was very proud of himself!




Unpacked Bryce's room and our room.

Put up new shower caddy in masterbath.


Broke blind in masterbed room.

Wacked head on shower wall while trying to install shower caddy. Now have nasty lump in middle of my forhead.

Semi good:

DH fixed blind last night at midnight when he got home from work.

Only 4 more days till we leave for FL.

Semi bad:

Turn 34 tomorrow.

Only 4 more days till we leave for FL.


yesterday was a mix for us too.

The really good (but unexpected, and kind of odd) was finding 3 pairs of UGG boots on my doorstep (one for each kid). ??? I didn't find the gift receipt the first few times I checked the box, so we spent half the day wondering about the mystery of who bought the boots!


I've had a suitcase to unpack for the last week and half ... I took a few more things out of it. My kids are making loud thumping noises, and giggling hysterically and I refuse to leave my room to investigate. I probably should. I did do the dishes, and disinfect the counter, so that's at least one plus to the day. I bathed, too ... two pluses!

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