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I already smile and say "Hi" to everybody. It drives my husband nuts. Maybe it's because I worked in retail for so many years.


This may be my first time leaving a comment here, but here goes.....
I always say hi to the person waiting on me-especially when they don't say anything at all to me, then I say, Hi, How are You and it's amazing how fast their mood changes. I'll be honest, I usually don't buy popcorn, etc from groups outside the grocery store, but I try to be polite and at least say No Thank you.

I enjoy your posts very much.


I'm a smiler too... well, maybe not to kids who choose to fight before I've had my coffee in the AM. I'll paste my smile on even then just for you tomorrow, K?


Politeness makes such a difference to people.

I`ve always taught my kids to say thank you to the bus driver as we leave, to sales assistants, basically to thank everyone who has been kind/helpful/of service to them. Even folk who have looked quite grumpy almost always manage to reply nicely if you speak to them in a polite and friendly manner.

Of course, I`m ashamed to admit that I have been known to say "Thank YOU" in a heavily sarcastic tone of voice to people who have been deliberately ignorant and rude, too


I'm going to do today because I'm not going anywhere on Monday and I'll spend my time alone working on my brand new 21" monitor! Yahoo...

Anyhow, I'm Ms Chatty when I go out in public. I'm always a please and thank you kinda person, and I often give toll booth drivers a piece of candy with my toll. Because that job totally sucks (but they are very well paid). I do chat up the grocery store checker, but usually not the bagger, as in my particular store they have almost no english skills. And I DO NOT speak portugese.

Today we did a lot of shopping. So I'm trying to think about the interactions. We hit Marshalls and I did talk to the checker about the clothing we bought and how much my kids cost to keep dressed. We hit Petco and I talked to an employee about a certain type of cat urine spray, and then a lady on the checkout line in front of me who was amazed that we only had ONE cat becaue I spent $80 on cat crap, none of it indulgences.

We did Staples next, and I talked to one employee about the sad choices of assignment notebooks (as in, there were NONE) but we found something that will do for DD. I don't remember chatting up the girl at the register other than to remark how much fun those easy buttons are.

Then on to Linens and Things, where I had a long discussion about pastry blenders and why I liked them better than using the cuisinart for pie crust and scones. We also discussed the drink mixes they have there. Man, some of them look soooo good.

So yes, I'm pretty much always pleasant. BUT... there is a big caveat. My local Dunkin Donuts hires people on the downside of the IQ scale, plus they all speak portugese (we have a large brazilian population of service workers) or Cape Verdean creole with minimal english skills. They NEVER and I mean NEVER get my order right. How hard it is... iced coffee with cream and NO SUGAR. Large. Sometimes I get sugar, sometimes I get hot coffee, sometimes I get a small, and sometimes I get sugar with no cream, but I never get what I want. Now THEY drive me batty. But I must have iced coffee and it must be Dunks, so I persevere.



I don't usually say hello... to be honest I'm a total introvert and I don't WANT to initiate conversation. I really don't. I have already answered my kindergartener 900 times more than I wanted to open my mouth today, thanks.

I do, however, always respond when spoken too, even if it's just a "No thank you." and I always thank the person who's served/waited on me (which raises a lot of peoples eyebrows). To me, that's common courtesy.

But the social interaction of saying hello and initiating conversation when I can't get away for at least a few minutes... please don't ask me! I lack the energy and I lack anything interesting to say!


Ugh, don't scare me like that. My Brownies are going to have their first booth cookie sale ever next month. I always smile and say "no thank you" when asked but I should probably warn the girls that some people may be rude to them.

I'm big on saying "Thank you" and "Have a nice day" to everyone because I too worked retail and fast food for several years. And you wouldn't believe how few people ever say anything nice in the drive-thru. It would practically make my day if someone said "thanks." I'm not very chatty beyond that though, mostly because I feel silly making small talk and the kids are usually demanding my attention.


oooohh, YAY, an easy one! I do this already, all the time. You know how they say you can tell how a man will treat you by how he treats servers in restaurants? Well, I think it applies to anyone, not just men. I worked retail, and I remember how hard it was and how awful people could be - there was a reason I got out.

But for me, being nice, smiling, and polite, even if I'm saying no? Easy peasy.

And I can't very well expect my kids to be polite and positive unless I am, can I? That's not to say I don't scream like a madwoman at them, I do, regularly, more than I'd like, but that's only after asking nicely, with a please and thank you, first, and being completely ignored, more than once. And they know it.

Sorry about the popcorn sale - I get to look forward to that later as a mom of a six year old Brownie. I'd rather buy 14 cases of cookies myself than turn her loose at the mercy of the general public. People can suck.


I'm always friendly to the checkers and baggers at the store, and I was friendly today. I always thank them, too. I was extra friendly to them today because LG was mid-tantrum over needing quarters for the stupid machines.

I never buy things from people outside the grocery store, but I always apologize. Very rarely I'll buy something for my husband (girls and I can't have any of it because of allergies) if I really support the cause & I have the money to spare.

I will work hard at being friendly today. I yelled too much yesterday (big food disaster over in my blog), and I need to make up for it. Great mission!


I've taught my kids from day 1 to be polite. They are now 4, 3 and 2. It is nice to have people comment on how polite they are, but it also saddens me to think that people make comments because being polite is RARE these days. It doesnt cost anything to teach your kids to be polite. They address people by Sir, Mam and the like, along with thank yous and have a nice days.

Also, I ALWAYS address people who wait on me or help me/provide me a service, ESPECIALLY when they are wearing a nametag. I address them by their NAME. Many people are like, "how did you know my name?" Um...you are wearing a nametag? LOL I DO get irritated by rude people, though. If people run me over in any way, I say, "I'm SORRY, was I in your WAY?" with a slight sarcasm. It doesnt scream "sarcasm" but it certainly makes a good point to the ones who need to hear it.

Great mission. I'm glad this is an easy one for me!


I have been awake for an hour and twenty minutes. So far I have been nice to Sam ALL DAY! Is this cheating? It is pretty hard to NOT be nice to a four month old. (I did yell "What the fuck" when he bit my nipple. But nicely!)


Do I have to be nice to the Ice Queen who sits behind me at my new job? LOL

I never stopped to think about the kiddos at the stores. Next time even if I don't want the product I'll look into their eyes and tell them no thank you. ;)


I start with nice. As an airline employee it can be difficult in my line of work but I always start out nice. I ignore the adults, in front of the store, with a no thank you but those cute faced kids get me all the time!


This is an easy one for me too -- I am a naturally nice and friendly person, and my kids are like I am too. My husband is like that and so is pretty much everyone in our family. I do not always buy stuff but I always talk to the kids and say no thank you if we do not need it. Often I make a donation...I know for some people it is hard for them to be nice -- I do not believe it is because they are not good people, but some people's personalities are such that they are shy or introverted or wrapped up in their head. I do not hold it against them! Rarely are people deliberately rude - just a bit thoughtless... Hope your day was a bit better than the start!


Ah, look how lovely all the readers here are!

(The cynic in me did wonder if anyone would admit to being rude...)

I totally agree with everyone - being polite makes everyone's day that bit better. My thing is to always say no thank you to the homeless guys selling the Big Issue. The people who walk by are so rude.

As ever, I owe you a big thanks, as your mission monday solved my what to blog about dilemma again! I am continually amazed at your ability to pluck the interesting and extraordinary out of everyday life.


Hmm. I think I'm about 50-50. Half the time I'm that incredibly cheerful friendly person who chats to the checkout chick and anyone else and gives money to charity. The other half I am mrs grumpy from the planet grump.

The other day I felt like pushing a slow moving person down the stairs because they were moving too slowly at the train station and I was about to miss my train. I didn't actually push them, but I thought about how much I'd like to.

Of course, since it's now Tuesday and due to time differences (me being almost a day ahead of you) I guess that means I missed it and don't need to be nice to anyone? I'll give it a go anyway, as I have in a complete coincidence been sickeningly cheerful and friendly all day so far. Even to my husband when I first got up. And I am so not a morning person.


the little scouts were selling popcorn when I shopped yesterday. I gave them $3. They were cute. I wanted to support them.

Other times there's kids out there asking for donations for this & that and I can't even be sure that they're affiliated with anyone.


I always chat it up with people whether it be in the store, at the bank, in line, or in the drive thru. I worked in a bank for a few years and would literally have customers wait to have me help them. I know it was a compliment, but boy there were times that I felt like being rude to make them go to the others :) It's funny that you mentioned the show and sell ... this past weekend I was out with a very good friend. She has 3 kids and 3 step-kids. She walked right by the scouts without so much as acknowledging them. I of said no thank and that my son was selling as well, but wished with luck. I then turned to my friend and said something to her ... she said I was right, she should have said something to the young men, but feels like every weekend there is somebody raising money for something outside of that store. I asked her how hard it is to say "No thank you" ...

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