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I can vividly recall the one and only time I ever told my father to shut up. Not in jest, I actually told him to shut up. I was 15 and had perfect vision but I never saw his hand coming, he boxed my ears so fast. It was instantly like, oh, okay- never do that again. That was 15 years ago and I'm pretty sure he'd do it again in a heartbeat. Children in the the South (in my family at least) learn not to sass their folks ever.


My father and I were arguing about what I was going to major in when I graduated High School and started College. I, being the brain trust that I was, wanted to major in Theater with a Voice Performance minor. HE, being a PhD in Gastrointerology, wanted me to do something more "Worthwhile". He was extoling the virtues of his education when I popped off with, "Yeah, 12 years of college did amazing things for you! You're teaching kids in High School that don't care what you have to say either!" Needless to say, I promptly picked my teeth up off the floor, replastered the wall where my head went through it and sat on an air donut from the butt whuppin' I received. (All while my mother laughed and said, "YOU wanted her to stand up for herself."


I was too scared of my parents to do more than murmur under my breath. Of course, I am 36 weeks pregnant and headed to see them this weekend, so maybe I'll have a story when I get back!


So...how do we instill in our kids the fear that was instilled in us to not sass??? I have a 15 year old that does not know how/when to shut her mouth. My dad was an arguer that always had to get in the last word. My daughter had to get that from him!!!


For the life of me I cannot remember the specific quote, but BG is so literal, we've been working for the past few years to teach her to understand expressions and sarcasm.

And then she was sarcastic to me. And so proud of herself! I was torn between WTF/thwap! and pride.

I asked my parents as a teen why they hadn't saved for my college since my birth. They just laughed their heads off. For days on end. Now that I have kids, I understand!


When DH and I were dating, my dad and I were arguing about curfew. I don't remember what I said that precipitated the response from my dad, but I'll never forget his reply.

"We don't have anything against Heath. He seems like a nice young man. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND..."



Great post--a good chuckle for today. I can't remember sassing my parents, I must have blocked any such unpleasantness from the memory banks. It wasn't ever a wise thing to try.


Okay, how ironic is that? I'd just barely posted a comment on sassing when my four year-old starts yelling and screaming for me to fix her movie as if I'm the T.V. valet or her own personal remote control. Sigh. I hate having to deal with those kinds of issues , they're so unpleasant.


I never ever sassed my parents.

But the fear? that came from knowing your butt was going to be sore if you crossed that line.
Kids these day do not have that fear. They would probably call DSS.

About the laser pointer- My 15 year old son got a VERY cool pen with laser and LED lights on the end for 2.50 from Walgreens. The laser is pretty powerful so tell him to be careful if he gets one.
Oh and to hide it from the little kids!
My girls search for it!

The night the hurricane came and knocked our lights out (werent expecting it) I found that pen on the bookshelf and it guided me to the candles!

Mary P

My son got a keychain laser pointer (which our kitten LOVES) at the dollar store. Make sure he knows NEVER to point it at someone's eyes. People have gone blind that way. I think it takes a matter of seconds only.

My story involves a grandfather. We were having a heated debate at the dining room table when I was 12 or so. (About a point of theology, if you can credit that!) After a few back and forths, he pulled rank. "I am the man of this house, I sit at the head of the table, and what I say, goes!"

I told him, "I don't care if you sit UNDER the table! You're wrong!"

I was sent from the table, without my dinner.
(But he was still wrong.) ;P


I vividly remember being 16 years old sitting on the sofa in the living room and yelling at my father "That's not fair" and him running at me from the kitchen. He was going to pull me off the sofa and slap my face. I told him you're not going to slap me and I pushed him down w/ my feet onto his butt. He walked away and we didn't speak for 3 days. That was the 1 and only time I can remember ever disrespecting my father.

Now if anyone has the answer as to how to get your kids from sassing please share!! I have an 11 year old daughter who loves to sass!!

a suburban housewife

I loved your humor. Good thing there are still enough of us around who don't get all DEpartment-of-Family-And-Children-Services (DEFACS) on you!!!

But I'm dying to know- did Nik get his laser pointer or what?!?!


My kids are mouthy (get it from their father) and I don't have any clues as to how to make them stop.
I really never sassed my mom, but I do remember one time we were in WalMart and I said something she didn't like and she slapped me in the face. (And even though I don't remember specifically what was said, I do remember it not being worth the slap.) Anyway, I found another ride home (we live 45 miles from there). I was sooooo mad about it. Now? I say anything to her. Why shouldn't I speak my mind? (which may be where my kids get it from...)


My Mom was a wonderful lady. I don't remember ever sassing her while I was growing up (I'm sure I did but just don't remember). BUT, I was about 30 or so and told her to "get off my back - I'd do whatever it was when I got ready to" and she promptly slapped me and reminded me in her "no nonsense" tone that she was "still my Mother and to keep a decent tone" in my head. I'll never ever forget it - and I don't believe I ever used a scartistic tone to her for the rest of her life.

I don't know how she did it - I sure wish she was still here so I could ask her!!!!

Rachel K

This, this right here, this is the very thing that beatings were intended for! I'm pretty sure that the "spare the rod, spoil the child" quote from the Bible (and I hate quoting the Bible) had this VERY instance in mind.

And a judge, I'm certain, would agree whole heartedly. I can just see it now...
"He said what now? Oh you have GOT to be kidding!"
"No your honor I'm not"
"Oh please then... beat him again! Right here in front of the courts... we'll wait..."


Jameson's mom

Oh my gosh. Funny to read everyone's responses.

The summer before 9th grade year I got to do several fun things. Fly to CA and visit a black sheep aunt. Go to band camp. Go, go, go. Now that I think about it, my folks probably sacrificed alot for me to get to do those things.

So someone asked me what I did all summer and my answer was "nothing". When we got home, I went to the front porch to get the mail. When I walked back in the house, my mom ambushed me, slapping me so hard I fell down (probably a little dramatics in that also) while yelling at me, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DID NOTHING ALL SUMMER??????????"

I always gave a complete accounting of my summers after that.

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