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Ummmmm....check to see if one of them is black-mailing the other?


maybe they heard about Chris's jar of kindness, and want some candy?

is anyone's birthday coming up, and they're angling for good gifts? or is it too early to start being good for Santa?

Maybe this is a present to you? Maybe they saw how rotten some friends' mothers are and they are grateful for you? I did stuff like that every so often for my mom for that reason. Um, still do sometimes.

Can you send those vibes here? I've been feeling horrible the past few days and my kids are responding by being whiney, difficult, and needy. I got lectured on our way home from a birthday party tonight about how we should have left earlier because I shouldn't drive in the dark. By my 8yo. gah.


Enjoy it! Maybe all the stars are in perfect allignment...


hmmm, well, it's the last saturday in September, in a month where there were five saturdays.....who knows? Just enjoy. If you figure it out, see if you can let us in on the secret, because my monsters were...well....monsters today.


WOW! I don't know if you should have told us. It might jinx something. 8^)

I have some kids that keep us on our toes with their fighting, arguing and complaining too. The stars must be in some special alignment or something for all of these things to happen at your house at once. I hope there is an alignment for our family too.


Invasion of the body snatchers?

I dunno- just enjoy it while you can, I guess!


Oh, Carmen, it was such a pleasure to read about your *pleasure* in their good behavior. I have a very good friend who years ago would complain every single time I called her! She would complain that I didn't call often enough!!!! Soon I was reluctant to call at all. But, when she was going through a hard time, I started calling more and she started just saying thank you for calling, it's so good to talk to you - and I really appreciated. I hope it makes sense why I wrote that, I just felt that same kind of thankfulness for your clear appreciation of your kids.


It is all that great parenting that you do! See, eventually it catches up!!! They are filled completely up with the good parent vibes!! And it will go on until this set is used up or until they are again swapped with whoever they were swapped with at the game!!!

Great post.


Hi Carmen

I really liked the comment aobut the invasion of the body snatchers.

If you are like me and very cynical, I would be wondering if they are out to impress you because they want something or want you to do something for them. My 12 year old daughter can be a saint if she wants something or me to do something for her. However some of the time she is just being a good kid. So enjoy th4 family harmony while it lasts. As kids we use to have big punchups and squabbles due to cramped living quarters as I come from 7 this changed when we all got our own rooms. Your house is large so your kids don't have that as an execuse for the squabbles.


That is VERY interesting! I have three older ones and three younger ones. I would be very suspicious of the "no comments about Maisy" stuff, as well as the "speaking nicely with the little ones", well, actually all of it!! But, I would just be happy and compliment the heck out of them. Maybe it'll happen more often. Heck, maybe it'll happen in my house!!!!

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