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Too funny!!!!!!!!! I had a skirt like that too! Awful not to realize when you're being betrayed, huh?



Uhm... did you get the cocoa powder?

And big hugs... I love the comfort of the elastic waists, but I swear my 4 y/o makes a game of trying to pull them off of me at the school playground.


My regular store carries the dutch process cocoa, hardly fancy schmancy - but I really think Hershey's would work in a pinch ;-)


Hey, at least you had on unders! And turquoise is a cool color! WE have a fancy grocery here too. I went once. It was very nice, but they don't carry toilet paper there, or paper towels, or lots of things I need. So we stick to our local grocery, or, the Evil Walmart.


I went to one of those fancy grocery stores for some of my favorite tea, they have a great selection. I was there on a rare night out without the 3 little ones and as I looked around I realized that I was not in my world. The prices on all the other items that I thought about buying actually scared me. I bought my tea, and then drove to Walmart for the other items that I needed.


Gotta love those moments. It is funny how people without kids can make us mommies feel so out of place. They just don't know what they are missing.


Girl you have me in stiches over here!! LOL


Oh, that's why we only shop at places with carts! Too funny! I can just imagine that those people in the shop went home and told their significant other, "Can you believe it? Someone brought children into our high prices shi shi grocery market. Yes, CHILDREN! I couldn't believe it, either." And then they went back to sipping their expensive tea with expensive little cookies.


I'm just impressed you were cooking something that required hazelnuts. Actually, I think it's pretty cool you don't microwave most things (I write, unwrapping my frozen dinner . . .) :)

Hope you are well.


The reason the people that shop at those places have no kids is because if they had kids they couldn't afford to shop there anymore.
I heart Wal*Mart (even before I had kids). In a couple of weeks the new Sam's is opening up right next door to Wal*Mart and I can not wait!


See if you can mail-order the fancy-shmancies. I think Penzey's spices carries dutch-process cocoa powder, and I'm sure many others do, too. The shipping may be worth it!


You see, my chi-chi store is Wegman's. Where they not only have full-size carts (and also the kind with the little cars in front), they have a drop-off play-room for kids (very security conscious with wrist-bands and everything).

I love Wegman's.

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