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MMMMM, books.... There are SO many I would read again and again. I have at least one Gabaldon book next to my bed at all times. Right now it's A Breath of Snow and Ashes. My Time Traveller's Wife is lent out right now, but I've been missing it. :)
I also like to reread all three of the traveling pants books, even though they're technically teen fiction. I love them all.

I also have Power of a Praying Wife and Romancing your Husband next to my bed at the moment.

My sheets are sort of a khaki color.


I would have all the Harry Potter books lined up in order.

(I actually do...on a shelf downstairs)

My sheets are blue flannel penguin sheets.


I LOVE TO READ, always have. And I love your blog, btw. I have a basement full of books, which my wife doesn't understand. Bookcases stuff with books. A closet with shelves full of books. And I've read every one of them. Pass it on!!!


Fun idea. I have a heap here I'll post on my blog in the AM



We LOVE to read around this house...if I have a chance tomorrow I'll add something on my blog for your Mission Monday. And, my sheets are white with light blue paisleys. They match our room perfectly if you ignore the green highlighter and the stain from a "spillproof" sippy cup.


I love to read, too. But I rarely have time anymore. I get two words into a page and my eyes are so heavy I can't focus!

And I have the most delicious sheets! I got a new bed 18 months ago and ran to Macy's for King size sheets, but they only had California King in stock. Luckily someone had just returned a set of Eastern King sheets that they bought online... Yay! The bad news was that they were 600 thread count and almost $500 for the set (including 2 pillowcases)... Desperate, I bought them and it's been the best purchase EVER!

They feel like butter against my skin and I never want to get out of bed. Oh and they are white.


I could talk for hours about books I love, I'll have to check out the Hours Before Dawn, I love your suggestions.

Here's my list:


being a widow, i have books stacked all over and around the bed! all the harry potters are stacked on a fern stand beside the bed with a lamp on top. i discovered steve berry last summer and are stacked on another table. am now working my way thouugh james rollins. my sheets are made out of tee shirt material and covered with clouds. i love your references to catholic guilt, every time it sneaks up on me i brush it away and run the other way.


If you like a bit of a futuristic setting and murder mysteries in your fiction J.D. Robb and her "____ in Death" series are fantastic reads!


Jodi Picoult is a favorite author of mine. I especially loved The Pact and Picture Perfect. I also read all of the Kate Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell. Recently read Annie Feeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral which I loved. Also just finished The Memory Maker's Daugheter which was thought provoking. Am currently reading Queen Bees and Wannabees which is giving me more flashbacks to middle school than I think I want to have!

Its getting chilly where I live so I currently have denim blue flannel sheets on my bed.

Have a great week!


I don't keep books by my bed, but the ones I keep where I read include:

something from the outlander series
something non-fiction that I am trying to learn about (right now Blog by Hugh Hewitt and Guerilla Marketing Attack)
something for marriage or parenting. Currently reading Romancing Your Child's Heart, which so far seems quite good.

Sheets: light blue from Lands End. Been used so long it is time for new ones. Current sheets: some white ones with small green flowers. They aren't in very good condition but are one because my youngest threw up on the bed the other night, so we had to switch out. Fun!


Ok, the books -- the books. I keep a shelf in the house of the unread, but to be read books. The list is frankly too long to get into. Currently I have Goodnight, Nobody in my bathroom (the only safe reading locale in my house). I listen to a ton of audiobooks (love to Audible); but that way I can knit and read at the same time.
However, I thought I'd tell you about my nook. I have a bookcase next to my knitting chair that is dedicated to the fiber arts. Currently the books are the Knitting Handbook, Vouge's Sitchionary, The Knitting Workshop (by Elizabeth Zimmerman -- an amazing knitter -- unfortunately dead); At Knit's End (a cute little reflections book for knitters and those who want to understand our odd breed), and Stitch and Bitch. (And baskets of LOTS of yarn).
And my sheets? I'm a sheet/bedclothes addict. Currently on the bed are my new obsession -- white sheets. I will be moving to flannel soon, but that comes with the price of giving up my down comforter -- hubby overheats. I have two sets of t-shirt sheets; three sateen sheets in various colors; and two sets of flannel. That's just for MY bed and that's sheets only, that doesn't begin to touch the various comforters and quilts we own. I'm ill, I know.


Oh, man, I have so many books that I read over and over I would take over the whole comments! How about I just focus on authors for a bit? Janet Evanovich, David Guterson, Margaret Maron, James Patterson, William Bernhardt, Monica Ferris, Denise Swanson, then the classics, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, pretty much anything! My books drive my husband crazy, but really, I read anything, always have - even have an English degree. There's always Harry Potter, the Little House series and the spin-offs (did you know there are books about Laura's daughter Rose now?), and then I could go crazy listing all the stuff for my kids. Right now on my bedside table I have On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Huffington, Something Blue by Emily Giffin, and the Post Secret book. I just finished Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson.

Oh, and sheets? Mustard sheets, 400 thread count. I am a sheet snob - the higher the thread count, the better. We got a new bed about 2 years ago, and decided if we only had one nice thing in the whole blasted house it would be the bed. I usually just watch the sales and buy new sheets at JC Penney when they go on deep sale - haven't paid more than $70 a set for queens yet (which is still steep, but better than the usual $140/set they are regular price). The bed really IS the only nice thing in the house, but man, is it a nice bed. Worth it.


I had no idea you were so into reading! Books have played a huge part in my life and shaped me (for good and ill) into who I am today. I have favorites that I haven't even read all the way through yet, like Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. I recently read about 3/4 of Gone With the Wind, but Scarlett was such a horrible person I lost interest. Right now I'm enjoying The Rules (and wishing I had done them with my husband when we were dating!). I also love to leaf through books on names and old-fashioned etiquette.
My sheets are very light cream-colored, and they drive me nuts because they are always coming off the corners and getting all rumply.


Green flannel sheets and I would have every Georgette Heyer, Reginald Hill, Dick Francis, Josephine Tey, and Margaret Maron. Also Dana Stabenow. And Jane Austen. And...

Courtney Orrange

What makes this a great idea is the RECOMENDATIONS! There is nothing that gets me scurrying to Amazon like a good book recomendation! I'll post some of my books tomorrow at my site.


Normally I lurk, but just had to say, THANK GOODNESS I'm not the only one with books all over my bedroom! I'm so bad about it, my bedside table has shelves and drawers full of books!! Jennifer Crusie, J.D Robb, my Mom's Bible even though she was of a different faith (it was hers, that's why it's there) Rachel Gibson, Catholiv Prayers for Everyday, Charlaine Harris and Amy Garvey are just a few of the authors and books on my bedside table. Oh, and my sheets are 600 thread count (I LOVE MARSHALLS!!) that are white.


Ah, books. We have them in every room of the house. Lots and lots of them!

What I've been reading recently:

The Omnivore's Dilemma, by Michael Patton. Better Basics for the Home, by Annie Berthold-Bond. When Your Body Gets the Blues, by Marie-Annette Brown. Atticus, by Ron Hansen.

There are some books that are defintely re-readers. All the Diana Gabaldon books...love them so much I named one of my sons after a key character ;-) I also re-read the Bud MacFarlane books. I remember when I first read them, then saw them on the bookshelf at a new acquaitance's house. I felt I had found a kindred spirit...and in fact, I had!

I just bought some white sheets, too, but I haven't put them on the bed yet. Right now, I have some 400 count sheet in beautiful fall colors that I got an amazing deal on in the clearance section of The Company Store.


i took a picture but have too many kids to write about them. :)


Books. Ah. My family has 5,000+ books. We fortunately bought a house built by a lawyer, so we have pretty good space for books, though this past summer I had to start weeding out since we filled up the library room and all available shelf space in the house.

The bed books are in constant rotation and my husband and I tend to have an array of books that we're working on at any given time: an upstairs book, a downstairs book, a car book, etc.

Right now my side of the bed has: Smokey Mountain Tracks (can't remember the author and I'm too lazy to go look), Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs, The Guardian by Nick Sparks, several Harry Potter books, the Book of Common Prayer, My Utmost for His Highest, St. Augustine's Confessions, Tam Lin by Pamela Dean (a book I read over and over) and a Gene Wolfe short story collection.

On the bed are my 1,000 thread count sheets I got on huge sale from Amazon.com (less than $30 with shipping). They are white, as are most of our sheets. I've found that Tide detergent and the new Downy whitening fabric softener really keep them pristine looking.


every year, I re-read To Kill a Mockingbird and Pride & Prejudice. I'm still on my Nick Hornby kick and I'll read anything by Bill Bryson.

I have three sets of sheets for my bed & they're all print. One is khaki colored, one is the color of faded denim and the other is dark green magnolia leaves.


fabulous mission. I'm exhausted from a day at the fair, but I'm off to type up this entry. I lurve talking books.

My sheets are some high threadcount my mom got on sale, but they are ivory. I've had them about 2 mos and they've got some stains on them.


Oooo!! Oooooo! I love this mission. I love to read.

Here's the link to my blog post.



I love to read, too, and currently have 3 piles of books on my nightstand. I love our library as we can browse online, reserve what we want and drive thru (yes, drive thru without unloading everyone) to pick up the latest and greatest! That is how I've done all my library browsing since they opened up the drive-thru 2 years ago as when we go to the library it's always to the kid section. Anyway, can't remember everything that I have waiting for me right now, but I try to keep a mix of literature and easy reading so that I always have something that fits my mood. My all time favorite is Pride and Prejudice, also have the newest Amy Tan book waiting, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and my bible for study, The Entire Chronicles of Narnia and our current book club book, The Lovely Bones. Can't remember the rest, but I cannot get to sleep without reading first so there are always plenty of books waiting for me. What a great idea, I've taken notes on several new titles to check out!

Mary Tsao

I was the nerd with her head always in a book, too! Sometimes I miss those days... I love to read but now I'm so busy. You know, blogging!

I've got a stack of books on my bedside table about 3 feet high. They're piling up on me! Oh, and my sheets are white flannel. I've always got the comforter pulled up so no shoes can touch them. I'm actually kind of anal about my bed.

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